What is with the designer dog and teacup dog trend?

Question by I love my Dachshie: What is with the designer dog and teacup dog trend?
I have seen so many questions in the dog section concerning so called designer dog and “teacup” puppies lately. Why on earth would anyone want to buy these overpriced mutts and runts? If you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on a dog, why not get a healthy dog from a reputable breeder? If you want a “labradoodle” or a “bugg,” i’m sure you could find one at the pound.

At risk of this being reported as a rant, here’s a question: What is you favorite dog breed and why?

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Answer by Rotten Rotts eat TROLLS
One word Stupidity.


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  1. So often I answer questions by people asking about these ‘designer’ dogs and when I say they’re mutts, they get all defensive insisting their weenie-poo-chi thing is a breed. Especially with the puggles! They SWEAR they are an excepted breed and even have PAPERS!!! HA! So, they are either in denial or actually idiotically believe they’re real breeds. Now, why they wouldn’t go to a shelter for the same thing I can’t explain yet? Favorite dog-Labrador, they are just all around great dogs for many tasks.

  2. I get really really angry when I read all these ads selling ‘designer’ dogs. They are mongrels. Dnt get me wrong I love mongrels and I have alot of time for them!! Most of my dogs have been mixed breeds from the pound and have been amazing companions. But when I see a yorkipoo selling for 600gbp it does my head in!! Who in their right mind would pay that for a non pure bread dog???? And then some have the cheek to claim it pedigree coz the mum and dad are pedigree… WFT?? Why are these people breeding?? Love that they think you can get a pedigree mutt!! Loon balls!! And it makes a complete mockery of the breeding system put in place by kc!! These people want to make a quick penny and mugs that buy the dogs are fueling it!! There are thousands of these poor pups in the pound, unwanted because their cage door does not say shitzpooo or lhasahuhua!! I have been ranting the same thing for weeks on FB and have had some right mad comments about it!! But my opinion is, do not breed your dog!! f you MUST breed your dog, make sure you are doing it for the love of the breed and that you are doing if for the right reasons. Pfftttt!!

    oh and your question?? St Bernards, I have two and love them muchly!! (well I have 5 in total at the mo, as we just ha pups!! =] )

  3. new age tra says:

    with fancy names you get fancy prices .
    they must have more money than sense.
    more fools them .

    mixed breeds (bull lurcher types)

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