What is the difference between an Australian Labradoodles and regular labradoodle?

Question by Knicks4Life: What is the difference between an Australian Labradoodles and regular labradoodle?
Are they both allergy free, also noticed the Australian Labradoodles go for alot more money. Also can anyone recommend a good breeder.

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Answer by Muttlove
Don’t you know? Putting fancy names on MUTTS makes money.

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  1. ∞CHAO§∞-Bulldogs are NOT Mutants says:

    Nothing they are both mutts, one bred in Australia the other every where else, bred by greeders. The original breeder did it with good intentions and is now disgusted at what its become. He discontinued his research and it someone got into the hands of the greedy. He could not get the consistency in the coat he needed to continue it himself, so he had all his dogs altered, which is why all the dogs you see today do not go back to that line. There is still inconsistency in the coats till today, why because they don’t care. Good breeders don’t breed mutts.

    If you want a mutt. go down to you’re local shelter, I can guarantee you will find one. Might even find a lab x poodle mix.

  2. No difference, they are both mixes between lab and standard poodle. And a “good” breeder that deliberately breeds mutts for profit? ROFLMAO

  3. These are both MUTTS. Do not fall for the hype. NO DOG is allergy free. You can find poodle/aussie/lab mixes on petfinder – thousands of them.

    No breeder of these dogs is checking for genetic defects or any other health issues, please do not put money in the pockets of these idiots breeding mutts and selling them for top dollar, you are a fool if you do!

  4. Trisha R. Snyder says:

    I think people try to glam it up by saying that. Labradoodles were created in Austrailia. There isn’t a difference. A labradoodle is a labradoodle.

  5. Alesi's Chi's says:

    Ones a mutt, the other is an Australian mutt. A good mutt breeder? I don’t think so

  6. one is bred in australia

    usually chargeore for something different.

    a good breeder wouldn’t be breesing mixes.

  7. BYBd MUTTS aren’t any different from any other.
    MONGRELS are NOT “allergy free”-NO DOG IS !
    ALL dogs have SKIN!
    BREEDERS don’t make mongrel CRAP & stick lies on em screw the suckers-CROOKS do.

  8. The Australian ones have a cool accent and drink all of your beer.

  9. Nothing is the difference. Their both poodle mixes. Visit poodle rescue or lab rescue, you’ll find tons of those mixes at local shelters.

  10. ~ La vita è misterioso ~ says:

    Hmm . . . . well, considering they’re both non-typey dogs that are unpredictable, and as such have the same properties that flare up allergies as any other dog (proteins in saliva, fur, and will carry dander and pollen from outside in their coat), I suppose it doesn’t really make a difference.

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. And mixed breed dog is still a mixed breed dog, despite whatever fancy term unethical people will slap on them.

    I would personally never support backyard breeders – there is no point in creating more lives that are genetically sick and will only break the heart and the bank of their future owner, since we have these EXACT same dogs sitting in shelters everywhere and killed every single day for lack of a home – but you can do what you like.

    By the way, the going rate for mixed breed dogs is usually about $50 – enough to cover the shots and worming medication. So I wouldn’t pay more than that. Or if you’re feeling generous, pay whatever your local shelter charges.

    Speaking of shelters, in my time at the humane society we had well over a dozen of those ‘doodle’ mixes – they were thrown away when their owners realized that they were NOT non-shedding or ‘hypoallergenic’ or whatever other lies the breeder told them, and in addition to shedding up a storm were quite unmanageable and hyper. So visit a shelter if you’d like a labrador or poodle mix.

    EDIT: And for anyone trying to say that the ‘labradoodle’ is a real breed, blah blah blah, WHY is it never mentioned that the ORIGINATOR of this mutt DROPPED THE BREEDING PROGRAM when it was realized that these dogs don’t breed true and a true TYPE cannot be established??

  11. R.I.P. Bank (My Baby Boy) says:

    The difference one is breed in Australia and the other everywhere else.
    and they are not allergy free all dogs shed some less than others.
    they are mutts not purebreds might as well go to the shelter and adopt a mutt or purebred.
    and they is no good breeder the only people that breed these mutts are people just trying to rip you off and laugh at your face.
    hope i answered all your questions ; )
    don’t fall on the lies back yard breeders give you.

  12. A true Australian Labradoodle is not just a mix of a Labrador and a Poodle. There are other breeds mixed in such as Irish Water Spaniel, American and English Cocker Spaniel to improve temperament, coat and size. Australian Labradoodles are not just first generation crosses. There are truly multigenerational Labradoodles. Australian Labradoodles have a standard, are continuing to breed further generations, have breed clubs and are dedicated to gaining purebred status in the US.

    Please people get your information straight. I don’t like designer breeds either but its different when people are actively trying to create a new breed through hard work and selective breeding rather than breeding first generation mutts for profit.

    I know an Australian Labradoodle personally. She comes into the Grooming shop I work in regularly. She is a great dog and much smaller and smarter than the hulking, dumb as a box of rocks, byb Labradoodles we also get in.

  13. Truth Hurts, Doesn't It? says:

    One barks with an accent and the other doesn’t?

    Honestly, a mutt is a mutt. NO a “labradoodle” won’t necessarily be “allergy free” – Labs are not considered to be goo for allergy sufferers after all, and ANY dog can trigger allergies anyway. There are no “good” breeders of mutts.

    Want a dog similar to this particular mutt? Get a Portuguese Water Dog. Voila.

    PS – Didn’t you hear? The guy who started the whole project of breeding “hypoallergenic” service dogs with combined traits of Lab and Poodle STOPPED because even after many years he couldn’t get them to breed true. Hence, MUTT.

  14. Basset Puppies = land piranhas says:


    NEITHER is allergy free.

    Labradoodles are a scam.

    “Australian” Labradoodles are a double scam.

  15. Mutts are mutts no matter where you buy them,and just so you know NO dog is totally hypo-allergenic. I don”t BYBers

  16. It's So Fine, Its Sunshine! says:

    One is an over-priced, runt, ugly mutt… Another is an over-priced, runt, ugly mutt with accent. Google it?

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