What is a goldendoodle and golden retriever mix classified as?

Question by stmcub04: What is a goldendoodle and golden retriever mix classified as?
I recently bought a puppy who’s parents are a F1 Goldendoodle and a Golden Retriever. Would this still be classified as a Goldendoodle? I’ve never heard of a goldendoodle bred this way. Has anyone had any experience of a similar breed? Our puppy is great so far, and just wanted more information.

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Answer by Tammy C
A mixed breed,and no I don’t hate mixed breeds,I love them. I have two,but yours is a mixed breed as well,and probably a very nice one.

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  1. Nekkid Dog © says:

    Its still a mutt either way.. it doesnt matter what the breeding is.

    “Goldendoodles” are amix of poodle and golden retriever.. it doesnt matter if its an F1 or an F2.. it makes no difference.

    There are no guarantees on what your dog will turn out to be like.. it could favor the poodle, or it could favor the golden, just depends on what genetics it got.

  2. flippy_flop_girl says:

    It is a mixed breed. There is no shame in that though! I have a gorgeous chow/lab rescue!
    A Goldendoodle is not a purebred dog, it is a golden retriever and poodle mixed. Not recognized by the AKC either.
    I bet she/he is gorgeous!

  3. It is a golden retriever mixed with a poodle. And they are so cute my neighbor has one

  4. Your dog is a mix breed a mutt!!! I have not had a dog like this but most mix dogs are great just like you said your dog is….

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