Puggle Dog Doghouse “Personalized” Christmas Ornament

Puggle Dog Doghouse “Personalized” Christmas Ornament

These dogs are waiting for Santa at their door. “The name plate can be “”personalized”” with your cute dog’s name.” Put them on the refrigerator after the Holidays are over. The dogs are here to stay! Size: Approx 3″ x 3″ * These dogs are waiting for Santa at their door. * “The name plate can be “”personalized”” with your cute dog’s name. ” * Put them on the refrigerator after the Holidays are over. The dogs are here to stay! * Size: Approx 3″ x 3″ * Great item for any dog lovers. All items are

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How do you get a puggle to stop barking all the time outside?

Question by Jayma: How do you get a puggle to stop barking all the time outside?
I have a 5 month old puggle that I’ve had for a month. Everytime I put him on a tie out outside he sits and stares in the house windows and barks. The only time he will be quiet is when someone is outside with him/playing with him. I can’t always be outside with him as I have 3 kids under the age of 5. So I don’t know what to do to get him to stop barking outside all the time.

Best answer:

Answer by ҉ Dethamagnificent ҉
Buy a shock collar. Worked for me.


this is the one I got, its a little on the expensive side but it has lasted me for about 2 yrs now.

TO COMMENTERS: didnt you read her message??? she doesnt have time to do that + she has 3 small kids to care for!!!

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History of The Puggle

The Puggle holds as a terrific illustration of today’s trend within designing canine hybrids. Dog hybrids are also called crossbreds. These are generally designer dogs produced out of parents of 2 different dog breeds. This structured blending of various dog breeds are intended to attain specific characteristics in the brand new puppy. The Puggle hybred is a crossbred between a Pug and a Beagle. A Puggle is selectively bred in a variety of methods. It may be produced through crossbreeding a Pug and a Beagle, a Puggle and a Beagle, as well as a Pug and a Puggle. Considering the fact that this specific new breed of dog is an independent one, mating 2 Puggles also will be able to create a Puggle.

The Puggle carries a rather brief historical past. The very first Puggle Dog was selectively bred back in  2000. The American Canine Hybrid Club has acknowledged this particular  Hybrid Dog. Nonetheless just like the majority of the designer dogs, Puggles are not recognized by The American Kennel Club or in any other significant associations, but they are well-accepted in certain dog shows.

The Puggle is actually discovered to be a healthier breed of dog compared to it’s pure breed parents they are created from. It’s a more robust canine with increased health and vigor compared to it’s parents, since many genetic deficiencies typically are not seen in them. However it is worthy of mention that Puggles tend to be vunerable to over-eating as well as catching a cold similar to the Pug. Typically Puggles tend to be smart together with their playful personality can make it challenging to train them . Nonetheless at heart this kind of dog  clowns around a lot and without difficulty understands tricks and behaviors that bring out their own authentic personality.

Puggles are on the average 13-15 inches at the shoulder plus they weigh approximately 15-30 lbs. There’s a unique kind of Puggle, known as The Pocket Puggle, and they vary from the normal variety plus they weigh approximately ten lbs. So far as the health of this canine is concerned, they might develop snoring along with other breathing problems such as wheezing, although their muzzle is somewhat lengthier than the usual Pug. Weight problems are often seen in these types of dogs because of their habit of eating too much. Frequently difficulty in breathing can be noticed in them as a result of strenuous physical exercise. They have a nice life span of 12-15 years.

Puggles are usually low maintenance canines, therefore their grooming requirements are quite easy. From time to time they require a bath and can be cleansed usually through rubbing with a wet towel. Brushing the Puggles on a regular basis helps maintain their coat. Despite the fact that Puggles do not bear as many wrinkles as Pugs often do,  their wrinkles should be wiped every day. Throughout early spring Puggles shed a great deal leaving behind fur where ever they roam .

Puggles are well known for their friendly and loving character. They prefer to stay in their owner’s lap as well as with other members of the family. They’re similarly comfortable in the backyard, running and actively playing in the fresh air. The sociable as well as loving character of the Puggle Dog has won these Hybrid Dogs the recognition of being an outstanding family pet.

Written by Samantha Harrington, a proud Puggle owner of 5 years.

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Q&A: puggle???????????????????

Question by Hailey: puggle???????????????????
I want to adopt a puggle. please tell me the pros and cons of a puggle.

Best answer:

Answer by Sara ☺Dogs Aren’t Teacups☺
Do you mean a puggle as in a dog or a magical talking unicorn? Neither of those exist. Adopt a regular unicorn, at least they exist.

I’ll be serious now, don’t worry!
-They aren’t a unicorn
-Any pug/beagle mix that is called a “puggle” will be from a backyard breeder.
-Getting a backyard bred dog means the “puggle” might suffer from health issues.
-Getting a backyard bred dog means you are supporting backyard breeders
-It’s a dog?

In my opinion, you should still get a unicorn or a pug/beagle mix from a shelter. In shelters they will be called a pug/beagle mix.

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Question by Ashley N: Puggle????
How much do they cost? and how much do they cost per month? Would they be okay outside all the time without a fence? (its big property… it used to be a farm) I could let it go in the barn(there’s no animals in there.) Would I be able to keep a puggle like that?

Best answer:

Answer by lil miss cutie
Puggles are the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen.They are quite expensive, like around 0.I think it would be fine on your property.My mom has a jrt and shes out all day and in at night.

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Get To Know Your Puggle Before You Bring Him Home

Puggles are very cute and adorable dogs. They have a spirit about them and they are very lovable. The problem is many people are not aware of how much work these cute little guys can be and they end up in the pound or in Puggle rescue or Puggle adoption agencies. The only thing that people see is how delightful they are. People are not prepared for the whirlwinds that will be forming right in their living room!
Puggles are “hyper” by nature, and they are high maintenance as far as attention goes. They need constant supervision and consistent discipline. Training is essential to the happiness of your Puggle and the saneness of your family.
Whatever you do, do not let your Puggle become bored. Play with your puppy every day, as much as you can. You need to find ways to keep him occupied when you are busy living life. However, you still need to keep a keen eye on your little guy. Trouble is always right around the corner!
Unless you do your homework before bringing home your new addition, you may find that your new addition causes a lot of frustration. You must be prepared to find the time needed to train your Puggle. If you do not spend time with him or help him learn ways to channel his energy in a positive manner, your excitement and love will turn into irritability and disappointment. And, usually at this point you will just feel defeated.
At this point, people tend to just “give up”. Sadly, the Puggle suffers tremendously. He does not understand why he is always being ignored or yelled at. He is still the same little guy you fell in love with, and still needs the constant attention. However, instead of feeling happy around him, you are abrupt and sharp with him. It is so sad to see such sweet, lovable animals ignored and sometimes mistreated.
Many times, people will have to find new homes for them. The sad thing is if they had done even a little bit of research, they would have known the nature of these energetic cuties. Finding a new home is sometimes a difficult thing to do. If you cannot find a good new home, please do not just take him to the pound. There are Puggle rescue and Puggle adoption agencies that take in Puggles who have either been abused or just need to have new homes.
The great thing about a Puggle rescue or puggle adoption group is that they will have the dogs spayed or neutered, give them tests and shots they need, and make sure they are taken care of. And even better, they will match up Puggles with people or families that are compatible with each other. It is not a first come, first serve basis. They are very particular about where these Puggles end up, because they have already been through enough.
Puggle rescue groups are a great place to get your Puggle from as long as you are aware of how to take care of them. Plus, the Puggle rescue agency will do their best to match you with a Puggle that will be your best friend for life!
Puggle lovers, please spread the word about a Puggle’s energetic nature so that Puggles end up in homes that are prepared to give them the love and attention they need and deserve!

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