Goldendoodle (Designer Dog)

Goldendoodle (Designer Dog)

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Written by one of the leading breeders in the Doodle revolution, Kathryn Lee of Make Way for Doodles, offers everything an owner wants to know about acquiring, raising and training a healthy, happy Goldendoodle, plus information on feeding, healthcare and breeding. Completely illustrated in color, featuring the images of world-renowned dog photographer Mary bloom, Goldendoodle promises accurate information and enjoyable reading for all dog lovers.

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Q&A: Will a wild coyote breed with my goldendoodle or will the coyote just kill my hybrid dog?

Question by ♥ I hate mayo yet I’m white: Will a wild coyote breed with my goldendoodle or will the coyote just kill my hybrid dog?
I’ve had 3 coyotes hanging around my property for a few weeks now and recently one of them has seemed to taking a liking to my full grown female goldendoodle. I paid a lot of money for this hybrid but think it would be cute for her to have coyote pups. Would the male coyote breed with my goldendoodle or would it simply try to kill my hybrid dog?

Best answer:

Answer by animalvr
Probably not, but what do I know?

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how big does an adult miniature goldendoodle get?

Question by Burrr: how big does an adult miniature goldendoodle get?
Im thinking about getting a goldendoodle, but I DO NOT want a big dog. I’ve heard of miniature goldendoodles but was wondering how big they get. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Jacob B
LOL, just look at this question!!! OMG go get some education about dog breeds plz


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How to really take good care of a goldendoodle?

Question by puppy7angel: How to really take good care of a goldendoodle?
I want to buy a mini goldendoodle puppy but I need some good tips. Can someone help me get good tips on dogs?

Best answer:

Answer by Teresa V
I didn’t know they came in mini now….how do they make them mini. Check on the parents and back a few generations until you get to the actual purebred dogs. Buy a book on caring for dogs and read it before you get one. I am still ify on the whole mini thing…….

Amen DP!!!!!!!!

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What kind of haircut should I give my goldendoodle?

Question by chickamunka_keh: What kind of haircut should I give my goldendoodle?
She has fairly straight hair for a goldendoodle, but its getting a little matted. Is there a specific length I should get it cut? I dont want her to look shaved, but its getting a little long.

Best answer:

Answer by kgreives
If the dog is getting matted, you may want to start a weekly/daily even, grooming session. It would be better than cuttings its hair, and with winter coming your dog needs its coat. Good Luck KG

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Q&A: Is it possible for a Goldendoodle to look exactly like a Golden Retriever?

Question by Kenny: Is it possible for a Goldendoodle to look exactly like a Golden Retriever?
I have a 9 week old Goldendoodle puppy and he looks EXACTLY like a Golden Retriever puppy, not a Goldendoodle puppy from the pictures I’ve seen… Your thoughts?

Best answer:

Answer by Lilla
maybe his looks will change as he gets older. But that is strange. Did you ask the breeders at all? were both parents goldendoodles that you were told? or was it golden and poodle?

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What is a goldendoodle and golden retriever mix classified as?

Question by stmcub04: What is a goldendoodle and golden retriever mix classified as?
I recently bought a puppy who’s parents are a F1 Goldendoodle and a Golden Retriever. Would this still be classified as a Goldendoodle? I’ve never heard of a goldendoodle bred this way. Has anyone had any experience of a similar breed? Our puppy is great so far, and just wanted more information.

Best answer:

Answer by Tammy C
A mixed breed,and no I don’t hate mixed breeds,I love them. I have two,but yours is a mixed breed as well,and probably a very nice one.

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Question by lalal: goldendoodle?
I have a two year old goldendoodle. I dont get all the bashing thats going on about them. Purebred dogs were made by mixing other purebred dogs together. For example, the australian silky terrier (an akc recognized breed) is a mix of an australian terrier and yorkshire terrier. A papillon is a mix of phalenes, chihuahuas, and spitzes. A goldendoodle is just a golden retriever and poodle mix. They should be recognized by now by the akc. People mix dogs so that they can fufill different purposes. A golden retriever is smart but sheds a lot. Mixing it with a poodle , would make it smart and not shed a lot-a perfect combination. Why can’t they get recognized?

Please no bashing. I’m just asking a question.
Can anyone explain step-by-step what people should do to get them recognized?
And i didnt get my dog from a puppy mill, so stop yelling at every single goldendoodle owner about it. You know nothing about me. I got my goldendoodle from a breeder. Its funny because purebred dogs can come from puppy mills too and i dont see anyone yelling at them for it.

Best answer:

Answer by mmcrobinson
Until the AKC recognizes them as a Breed they will continue to be mutts. so if want you can petition the AKC —-

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Q&A: GoldenDoodle?

Question by Rex B: GoldenDoodle?
What’s a GoldenDoodle ?

Best answer:

Answer by Teresa V
Golden retreiver and poodle mix AKA MUTT!!!!

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Does your Goldendoodle have an ear infection?

The Goldendoodle is a wonderful, low shedding, low dander hybrid who is terrific with children of all ages.  They do, however, have their issues.  With all that cuteness comes the long, low hanging ears with lots of hairs covering them.  Because the hairs are long and thick surrounding the ears,  infections can occur.

Since 1999,  we have come to know that the Goldendoodle hybrid comes in three coat types:

Shaggy. Curly. Smooth.

Among the three coat types of the Goldendoodle dog, the curly coat doodle seems to have more issues with their ears.  The simple reason?  Hair growing deep within the ear canal traps moisture and can cause bacteria to grow.  Most Goldendoodles also enjoy swimming. Whether at the lake, swimming pool or the beach,  water can become your Goldendoodle’s enemy.  The design of the ear itself, for the Goldendoodle dog,  can be one of the problems they suffer these issues.

The fact that the Goldendoodle has multiple hairs covering the ear flap, is the perfect environment for creating ear infections!  Bacteria thrives on moisture, especially in warm, dark, enclosed areas.  Bacterial ear infections can cause your Goldendoodle tremendous pain and suffering.

Because the Goldendoodle has such thick, long, hairs over the tops of the ears,  the ear itself has a difficult time drying out.  It doesn’t help matters much if hairs are also growing from deep within the ear canal.  The curly coat Goldendoodle seems to have more issues with hairs growing deep within the ear, which is very similar to the Poodle.  The shaggy coat and the smooth coat Goldendoodle do not seem to have these issues, although they can still suffer from ear infections should moisture build up or a yeast infection occur.  Another reason Goldendoodles can have ear infections is due to what is called, “ear mites”.   These are pesky little bugs that leave brown matter within your doodle’s ears and can leave a very foul smell.  Although ear mites can easily be killed with medicated drops, you will want your vet to ensure this is what is causing the problem before treating.

If we look at the design of the canine ear itself,  you will see that the canal begins right at the opening of the Goldendoodle’s ear and there is almost an immediate drop followed by a slight angle going straight down to the ear drum itself.   It doesn’t take much for moisture to build up within the ear.

What are the signs that your Goldendoodle may have an ear infection?

Your Goldendoodle may paw at his or her ears or shake their head quite a bit.  Ear infections are very painful.  You may notice that your Goldendoodle is rubbing his head against objects trying to relieve the pain.  While your Goldendoodle is unable to directly speak to you,  their body lanquage is letting you know something is wrong.

It is also possible to mistake an ear infection for a tooth problem!  I once thought one of my dogs had an ear infection but after taking her to the vet,  it was discovered that she needed a tooth to be pulled.  So its very important to take your lovely hybrid to see your vet if you are witnessing the signs above.  Your canine can lose its hearing if an ear infection is left untreated.  The ears can become red and swollen.  Skin infections can occur from constant scratching.

Sometimes your doodle may tilt his or her head to one side as well.  Yeast infections can occur for multiple reasons.  Dogs who do a lot of swimming at the lake can suffer from yeast infections within their ears because there is a lot of bacteria within the water itself.  Yeast infections can be controlled with medicated ear drops provided to you by your vet.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above going on with your Goldendoodle, please make sure to schedule a vet visit.  Immediate treatment will prevent a simple problem from becoming worse.

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