How do you find a reputable hybrid dog breeder in Australia?

Question by Ricky Bobby: How do you find a reputable hybrid dog breeder in Australia?
How to find reputable hybrid dog breeder in Australia?
I’m looking to buy a hybrid dog (leaning towards a Mal-shi). A book on dogs I bought warns not to buy from pet shops because only shonky breeders sell through them. It also warns not to buy through newspaper ads or internet ads. Now, someone suggested going through one of those canine associations, but they seem to cater only for purebreeds…

So, how exactly do you go about finding a good, reliable, reputable hybrid dog breeder in Australia?

Would you suggest perhaps asking a vet?

Any other suggestions?


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Answer by a gal and her dog
Hybrids, are by definition, the product of irresponsible breeding. There will be better breeders and worse breeders, but breeding a dog to create a mix is an irresponsible act in and of itself. Check your local shelters – I don’t know of Australia’s rescues – for these mixes. Anything that becomes the “next big thing” is going to get dumped off in the shelter in droves once the novelty of a pup wears off.

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Find Out How to Choose the Best Dog Training Program for your Dog

Find Out How to Choose the Best Dog Training Program for your Dog

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