Goldendoodle (Designer Dog)

Goldendoodle (Designer Dog)

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Written by one of the leading breeders in the Doodle revolution, Kathryn Lee of Make Way for Doodles, offers everything an owner wants to know about acquiring, raising and training a healthy, happy Goldendoodle, plus information on feeding, healthcare and breeding. Completely illustrated in color, featuring the images of world-renowned dog photographer Mary bloom, Goldendoodle promises accurate information and enjoyable reading for all dog lovers.

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Designer dogs…?

Question by mandy: Designer dogs…?
Many people either are unaware that designer dogs are mutts, or beleive that they were entirely created by inferior specimens of the breed. Is it not possible to have an accident? Is it not possible to have less-than ethical people showing their PBs that may createa mixed breed from them? Everyone loves the sound of money.

I don’t beleive in intentional mutts, but I don’t beleive in everything going exactly as planned. A man in the show-world came through my work one day, said he’d payed the stud service for his (can’t remember) to breed only to have his male pug tie with her upon coming home.

Does anyone agree with me that not ALL designer dogs are from inferior specimines? Granted, worth 2k, no. But things are only worth what’s willing to be paid, so why not charge that?
I see no reason to kill all accidents. Unless their’s something wrong with the pups in question, why not let them the chance to live? As much as I understand that breeding can be heartwrnching, I do not beleive that it should be heartless.
Sniffydog- When I was talking about killing pups it was in response to the first answer, which said to shoot or cull (kill) all the non PB pups in a litter borne of two fathers. Just so that we’re clear.

Best answer:

Answer by sophylakes
all designer dogs are from inferior specimens… of course….. a reputable breeder whose prized show dog experienced an “accidental breeding” would simply have the mismate shot or cull the pups at birth……..

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Shopping Designer Dog Clothes and Fashion Accessories

Shopping Designer Dog Clothes and Fashion Accessories

Designer clothes and fashion accessories are not limited to humans only. Nowadays, the great variety of designer clothes, apparels and fashion accessories are available for our dogs. People do not have to wish to get really cool stuff for their doggies. Now, they can shop from head to toe for their doggies.

Dog fashion is an ever increasing trend in modern fashion world. You can easily understand this by fact that nowadays you can buy dog fashion products designed by prominent names in Fashion World like Christian Audigier, celebrities like Paris Hilton. Yes, it is true that Paris Hilton has designed a complete range of dog clothing and accessories for their lovely pets. The Ed Hardy dog collection can attract attention of all pet owners. Not only Christian Audigier, but several other designer brands like Gucci and Coach are designing dog clothing and dog accessories like dog collars, dog carriers, toys and more.

Depending upon specific requirements and breed of your dog, you can choose specialized designer products. Not only dog hair care and grooming products, you also have a wide range of designer clothing, dog jackets, attractive dog collars and several dog accessories for special occasions.

You can groom your dog with designer fashion products. However, fashion is not limited to designer dog clothing, and dog accessories (designer dog collars, designer dog belts, designer jackets for dogs). You can also find attractive designer beds, and designer dog carrier (approved by several airlines too).

These days, it is very easy to find a pet store selling specialized dog clothing, and other dog accessories. However, as a fashion conscious person you must be looking for something special for your favorite puppy. Like our kids, puppies also love playing and doing naughty things around all the time. You can help in proper growth of your puppy by shopping specially designed cool toys for doggies. Believe me, it will add sparkles in the emotions of your puppy towards you.

How much do you think a designer dog cost?

Question by Ayesha Marti C: How much do you think a designer dog cost?
im just wondering if how much do you think a designer dog/new breed of dog cost? for example of new breed of dog/designer dog is a Labradoodle.

Best answer:

Answer by hate14386
well on ksl labordoodles can cost up to 700$ i think that is so stupid they are jsut mutts. or like a yorkie chiwawa mix people will pay 1000 for it sometimes i dont get people

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Designer Dog?

Question by creamsicles616101: Designer Dog?
Has anyone ever had a poodle/ lab/ golden retriver mix dog before, or can anyone find a picture of one?

Were thinking about breeding our lab/ golden retiever mix with a labradoodle. Is that a good idea?

Thanks in advance!
Alright everyone- I’m sorry I was just thinking about it. I won’t do it, I don’t want to have to put dogs to sleep =(

Alyssa, its really rude to call someone retarded, my brother is austistic and calling someone retarded is almost like discrimination.

Best answer:

Answer by dogsrmylife92
Not a good idea.Your breeding mutts to mutts. Never a good idea. There are so many mutts being eutanized daily please dont add to the problem.

edit:Its not a designer dog,whats designer about it? its a mutt!

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What is with the designer dog and teacup dog trend?

Question by I love my Dachshie: What is with the designer dog and teacup dog trend?
I have seen so many questions in the dog section concerning so called designer dog and “teacup” puppies lately. Why on earth would anyone want to buy these overpriced mutts and runts? If you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on a dog, why not get a healthy dog from a reputable breeder? If you want a “labradoodle” or a “bugg,” i’m sure you could find one at the pound.

At risk of this being reported as a rant, here’s a question: What is you favorite dog breed and why?

Best answer:

Answer by Rotten Rotts eat TROLLS
One word Stupidity.


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designer dogs?

Question by yvette jackson: designer dogs?
Who breeds designer dogs? Do you make more money than with the other types? I know they are popular?

And to do it, do you get two purebreds or do you start with a designer pair and breed them? Like if I want a maltipoo do I start with a maltese and a poodle? Or do I start with two maltipoos? How much can you sell them for?

You are mean and rude. No wonder everyone says this place is mean.

Best answer:

Answer by hellosunshine_hb
Oh dear… there is no such thing as a designer dog. Don’t even think about breeding, please.

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designer dog?

Question by nodesignerdogs4me: designer dog?
I have been searching all morning for a site that has “designer dog breeds” with info and pictures.

(i just like to look at the crop of dog crap people come up with!!!)
anyway, if anyway has a good site saved that would be great…! thnks!
liNg.: if you read the question correctly i UNDERSTAND THIS.
and i will not change my mind on this.
nothing bad cindy….hmmm….yeah nothing bad…..

Best answer:

Answer by Bossoli

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Designer Dogs?

Question by wheezie: Designer Dogs?
Is it just me, or are others annoyed by this talk of so-called Designer dogs?!? There is no such thing, and I am sick of people not only bragging about their expensive “designer dogs” , but actually buying these poor dogs, thereby encouraging these careless breeders to continue. If they want a mixed breed dog (which is exactly what a designer dog is) go to your local shelter and adopt some wonderful mixed breed furry friend.

Best answer:

Answer by Bozema
You go girl! I’m with ya!

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Designer Dog Beds: Style Blended With Comfort

Dogs are regarded the best friend of man. Do you really want your dear pet to sleep on the hard floor or even at a place that is not suitable for him? You may not like him to stretch out on the furniture of your home. But isn’t there a feasible solution for this. Well, yes there are a large number of stores that offer designer dog beds. It includes various online and offline ways to find one. However, if you are apprehensive of its cost, then it is suggested to carry out search through online mode. There you will easily find bed of every range and make, right from a high-class designer dog bed to a simpler one. Over the years, the demand of designer beds has increased to a considerable extent. People are becoming more cautious about the dog clothing, designer leashes, collars and dog beds.

Through online mode, you can easily find a wide range of specialty stores that put forward different types of beds for all sizes and breeds of pets. Always consider the size of the bed, it should be in confirmation with the size of your pet, and it’s sleeping position. You will also encounter a number of shapes, as well as styles. Always opt for the one in which your dog would feel most protected, as well as comfortable. It can be in a donut shape, with solid bottom, which are extremely soft and comfortable. The pet can easily keep his tired out heads on the ring of the donut and rest at the center. While some beds are available as designer sofa style and very many colours, you can easily pick the one that gels well with your home decorum.

One thing that a dog owner should never ignore is the material used in the make of the bed. Always consider that your dear pet is not allergic to any of the material employed in the make of the bed, you choose for him. Among several kinds of designer dog beds, you will also find heated dog beds to heat up when it lays down.

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