Cavachon Dogs

Cavachon dogs are a mixed breed that have both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. They’re bred specifically for human companionship and due to their size aren’t suited as a guard dog, other than giving you a very loud warning when visitors are at the door. Other than stern warning barks they present themselves to anyone with energy and a huge smile on their face.


Most Cavachon dogs will have a solid white coat or a mixture of white, light brown, or peach color fur. Unlike some other smaller dog breeds, the Cavachon has a fairly strong skeleton and muscular frame for their size. Due to their small size, they aren’t known for joint or hip dysplasia problems.


They are known as a people-pleasing breed of dog and aren’t particularly happy when they are by themselves for a long period of time. This isn’t typically a problem for most owners, since Cavachon dogs are pretty easy to take anywhere you go for the most part.


Your Cavachon is going to require frequent combing, trimming and bathing to keep them free of skin irritations and knotting of their fur. Combing should be done on a daily basis to keep knots to a minimum. While some dog breeds will make grooming feel like a nightmare for you: Cavachon dogs love to be primped, combed, trimmed, bathed — anything that makes them look and smell beautiful seems to make them feel wonderful.

One of the very best benefits of owning a smaller breed such as this one is that they are so small, yet full of energy they can get plenty of exercise while you sit in comfort on your couch. By no means does it mean that they don’t like getting outside, but they don’t need the space a larger dog does to get their heart rate up.

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