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Question by Hailey: puggle???????????????????
I want to adopt a puggle. please tell me the pros and cons of a puggle.

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Answer by Sara ☺Dogs Aren’t Teacups☺
Do you mean a puggle as in a dog or a magical talking unicorn? Neither of those exist. Adopt a regular unicorn, at least they exist.

I’ll be serious now, don’t worry!
-They aren’t a unicorn
-Any pug/beagle mix that is called a “puggle” will be from a backyard breeder.
-Getting a backyard bred dog means the “puggle” might suffer from health issues.
-Getting a backyard bred dog means you are supporting backyard breeders
-It’s a dog?

In my opinion, you should still get a unicorn or a pug/beagle mix from a shelter. In shelters they will be called a pug/beagle mix.

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  1. More Bored Collie says:

    They’re friggen adorable

    – They’re illegal to own in most states
    – I believe that they’re an endangered species
    – They grow up to be echidnas
    – They are difficult to obtain

  2. Skipper, *Howl if you HATE BSL* says:

    CONS: Every time you buy one labeled a “Puggle” you’re supporting Backyard Breeders and Puppy Mills. Puggle? You think crossing these two dogs on purpose is great? Now these seems like a good idea? Cross a dog with breathing difficults, with a longer nose and hyperactive nature of the beagle to make the resulting litter easier to breath. Unfortuantly genetic doesn’t work like that. In fact most Pug x Beagles have the breathing issues that pugs suffer from and the hyperactive nature of the Beagle. Do you think that a wise idea? Not a good idea.

    The only Puggle is an Echidna. Just call this poorly bred mongrel what it is, a mongrel.

  3. Beagle/Pugs X are becoming very popular in my town. I have met three that I know personally. But I see so many walking the streets. I really like the three I know. They all have great attitudes and are so much fun to play with. They really are great little dogs. Boundless energy! Surprised me.

    But they are mutts. Unfortunately, people breed these guys for the money. So many health issues will be a huge problem! Since Beagles and Pugs are popular breeds for BYBs anyway. I’d rescue one if you get the chance. I’m sure they will be in the shelters soon.

  4. I can only think of cons. They are very poorly bred. There is no breed standard because it’s not a real breed. This means that they can look like this: http://bullmarketfrogs.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/puggle.jpg or like this: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/images16/PuggleMannyAngrybCute.JPG . Big difference, huh?! The people who breed them are just cashing in on a fad. It’s really sad, actually.

    There is just no telling, as far as temperament or looks. No predictability. But if you still want one, take a look in a local shelter. They usually have a few of these crosses. And take a look at petfinder.com. Those are the only legitimate places to go.

    If you’re interested in what a Echidna Puggle is, look here. http://www.fourthcrossingwildlife.com/echidna_puggle.htm

  5. I got one from my brother in law. They could no longer care for it so we kind of took him in. It’s been about 2 weeks now and i’m having mixed feelings. He’s a great dog, he’s a about 2 years old. He need’s a lot of attention though and will not leave my chihuahua alone. He’s a lot bigger than I thought he would be so he’s always jumping my little one trying to hump him (but a lot of male dogs do that) and hurts him. BUT, that being said, he was already house broken and he listens to my commands most of the time, but once I walk away he’s goes and does whatever.

    He does all the things any dogs does, marks his territory in the house (not anymore) jumps on people, barks at the door, etc. It’s just a matter of training him like any other dog. My problem is I get stressed out, and it’s not his fault at all. He’s cute and I feel bad because I think I may not have been ready for a second dog, I just didn’t want him to end up in the pound. He needs a lot of attention and is always wining for it. He sheds a lot because it’s getting warmer. He needs a walk everyday which I can’t always do. You really just need to ask yourself if you can commit do all the work having a dog comes with. My chihuahua is super laid back I barley notice him most of the time and doesn’t eat or poop as much. So it’s definitely been an adjustment.

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