Q&A: Is it possible for a Goldendoodle to look exactly like a Golden Retriever?

Question by Kenny: Is it possible for a Goldendoodle to look exactly like a Golden Retriever?
I have a 9 week old Goldendoodle puppy and he looks EXACTLY like a Golden Retriever puppy, not a Goldendoodle puppy from the pictures I’ve seen… Your thoughts?

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Answer by Lilla
maybe his looks will change as he gets older. But that is strange. Did you ask the breeders at all? were both parents goldendoodles that you were told? or was it golden and poodle?

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  1. Bare Nekkid TRUTH! says:

    its a mutt.. mutts dont conform in any way

    of course its possible for a golden retriever mix to look like a golden retriever!
    Its also possible for a poodle mix to look like a poodle.

  2. Rayven ~ Here we Go Again says:

    Of course because that is how genetics work, especially with mutts. You can get pups who look like one parent, those who are in the middle, those who look like the other and those who look like NEITHER.

  3. UHave2BeKiddingMe Oh Boy Level 3 again says:

    We have had a lot of these doodle mutts come through class, and they all have a pretty uniform look-shaggy and ugly. (In my esteemed opinion)

    Your puppies high maintanance coat will come in, I am sure. Have a good groomer lined up they need constant grooming.

  4. I have never seen 2 “Goldendoodles”that look exactly alike- and we see a lot. It is a mixed breed, so there is absolutely no breed standard, no telling what the puppies will look like.

  5. •Poppy• says:

    Yes, it is possible for mutts to look only like one of the breed(s) involved.

    Hence why my Aussie/Catahoula mix looks like a purebred Aussie.

  6. there is no such thing as a Goldendoodle. It is a mutt.
    And mutts can look like anything because there is no standard.
    So nobody knows what comes out of a crossbreed.
    not the weight, not the color, not the looks of the grown up and
    most certainly not the health or the character or qualities.
    and that is why some people tend to buy a purebred.
    simply because there are no surprises.
    So looking like a Golden Retriever is normal for a Golden Retriever Mix.

  7. No,it isn’t.
    BYBd mutts can’t resemble anything other than BYBd mongrels.
    Like you’ve ever actually seen a purebred quality pup,right?

  8. Easy explanation: there is NO “goldendoodle” breed, and therefore there is no breed standard. For example, if you would have bought a poodle from a reputable breeder, you’d know what it’d look like when it got older. This is the result of hundreds of years of consistently breeding to the same standards, thus resulting in consistent results.

    Mixed-breed dogs aren’t an actual breed, and so there’s no standard for breeders to strive for when making these pups. The resulting appearance of the dogs is anyone’s guess–they could have any kind of coat, any body shape, and personality/temperament is completely unpredictable.

    I can only hope that you adopted it from a rescue, since that is the ONLY acceptable place from which to get a mixed-breed dog. Buying from a pet store or breeder results in buying a dog that was created solely to profit greedy people.

  9. Well, have you ever seen a child and thought he or she looked exactly like one parent and that you could not see the other in him/her at all? That happens quite a lot. When you get a cross its random assortment of genes. I know a litter of lab/whippet pups and 1 looks exactly like a purebred lab and one you can clearly see is mostly whippet and the other 3 are somewhere in the middle in varying degrees. You may find your dog has all his retriever parent appearance genes but more poodle characteristics.

    Edit – I don’t know if its relevant but I find it interesting that when a child has one black and one white parent they are usually a shade in between but when they are a twin it is relatively common to have one white child and one black. The genes come out differently.

  10. Of course – how a mix-breed will look depends totally on which set of genes they inherit (from which parent). Quite possibly he looks like this right now – might not always be the case as he matures however.

    Buying into mix breed puppies is a lottery.

  11. Well considering the Goldendoodle is nothing more then a MUTT – there is no standard in how they look. They can take after either parent breed or something from both. Yours just happened to look more like the retriever – but its STILL A MUTT. Not a purebred or a breed at all.

  12. iffn he’s an f2 doodle with a breed back to the golden or even to another goldendoodle its possible for him to miss the curly coat gene altogether the majority actually miss the hypoallegetic bit andthe no shed bit too….

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