Q&A: GoldenDoodle?

Question by Rex B: GoldenDoodle?
What’s a GoldenDoodle ?

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Answer by Teresa V
Golden retreiver and poodle mix AKA MUTT!!!!

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  1. It might be something that happens after your dog eats mustard?

  2. A Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle.

  3. a gal and her dog says:

    Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle mix. It’s a “designer dog,” not a purebred.

    Edit: LOL @ journeyk7

  4. An expensive rip-off created by backyard breeders and puppy millers.

    Don’t go there- you will NOT get what you want. Adopt a nice Golden Mix or go to a top-notch Golden breeder and get a healthy dog for your money.

  5. its a golden and a poodle mixed (not a mutt stupid person) but they grow pretty big and if you can handle a big dog jumpin on u get it, if you plan on it.

  6. Rachel - Pit Police Captain says:

    A mutt…next question.

    If you want a mixed dog, there are thousands of golden mixes and poodle mixed in shelters. Try petfinder.

    EDIT: Cory, a doodle of any kind is a mix of two breeds…which means (drumroll please) IT’S AN F-ING MUTT.

  7. lamest excuse for backyard breeders to make more money by creating a “designer dog”. bah!

  8. kris10nchains says:

    A really really UGLY mutt!!!

    Some people claim they are good for hunting….I don’t know a man alive that would take anything with “doodle” in it’s “breed”name into a hunting blind or an open field where another hunter may spot them.

  9. It’s a mutt, a mixed breed dog, (Golden Retreiver X Poodle).
    Those individuals who are producing mutts and dubbing them with “Designer dog” names are motivated solely by greed and are not only perpetrating an unscrupulous scam on the public, but doing harm to the very dogs they breed. They do NO health screenings or genetic testing at all. They do not even breed to a standard, (because there is none). A responsible breeder breeds because he/she is dedicated to preserving and improving their chosen breed. He/she would never purposely breed a mutt.

  10. It’s a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle and a really dumb name.

    They are often referred to as “designer dogs” because unscrupulous breeders sell the pups for thousands along with a line of bull about how they don’t shed, are hypoallergenic and so on. None of it is true. They are just a regular mixed breed dog like any other and not something extra special.

  11. Slim Whitman says:

    Anything with Doodle or poo in the end is a mutt with a severe set of neuroses.

  12. It’s a overpriced mutt bred by a Puppy Mill or Backyard GREEDER.

  13. A mixed breed with a cutesy name so people will pay more for a mutt…

    Golden Retriever mixed with Poodle. If you’re interested in that mix, check with the Golden Retriever and/or Poodle rescues, because there are usually lots of these mixes around.


  14. a mixed breed

  15. I have a Goldendoodle and she is a GREAT dog. I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life, purebred and mix, and she is the best dog we’ve ever had. I don’t understand why these people say they have issues and then tell you to go and get a mixed breed from a shelter. I am all for adopting from the shelter, but you really don’t know what issues you can get with these dogs. I’m tired of hearing people talk down about it. Do your research into the purebreds of today- they all came from mixing breeds- they have just been around longer.

  16. Yes, a golden doodle is a ‘mutt’ but all of the ones I have met have been fantastic pets. Dont mind the AKC snobs, they have some sort of complex that I fail to understand.

    The ‘Doods’ I know of seem to take the best traits from their parents; health, personality, mannerisms etc. I have a 2 yr old GoldenDoodle that is a tremendously loyal and well behaved pet. I honestly have never had him out in public and not had nearly everyone that walks by stop to ask what kind of dog he is and rave about how cute and friendly he is.

    Doods make a great dog for someone who wants the size and personality of a Golden without the shedding.

  17. IT’s a Golden DON’T!

    It’s a mix of Golden & Standard Poodles. I’ve seen afew and let me tell you they are not the best looking dogs out there also all of them were hyper as heck!
    Expensive mutts nothing more!

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