Question by ♥Pippiη887♥: puggles?????
Are puggles good pets? Are they good with other dogs,people and cats? What are some good names for girl puggles and boy puggles. I want some examples of both boy and girl names.
Also how big do they get? Someone at the pet store said up to 40 pounds! Is that true!?

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Answer by JustAChick
I have a pug and a friend that has a puggle .. while abby (the puggle is cute) she can’t hold a candle to wrinkles (the pug). they are both good with kids and people. my pug gets along great with my cat. Good luck!

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  1. aw, puggles! they are so cute!

  2. get mypia in puggles they are the best

  3. pugglelover1207 says:

    I have a PUGGLE! Note my name!!! My puggle has an underbite! Its very cute! They have health problems because of there snouts!
    From what i have heard most LOVE People, MIne does tell u that right now!!

    He absolutly LOVES other dogs!! most do for they are friendly and hyper except i nthe summer from heat!

    And Cats They just want to play with them but other than that they r fine!

    Check here out

    http://www.puggle.org for names and polls of people who own puggles and have a good idea of them!! hope i help!!!

    Pugglelover1207@GMail.com For more questions! 🙂

  4. Well i dunno just look up all you can on both breeds in the hybrid

    (you probably know this but puggles are mixes between beagles and pugs)


  5. yes they are really cute!!!!and sweet

  6. Puggles??? I feel sorry for them, who decided to mix the beagle with the pug anyways?

    All dogs are cute, beagles are cute, pugs are cute, but when you crossbreed them!

    Okay, if you’re lucky, you might get a nice looking one.

    Check out the link below for the temperament.

  7. Meaghan Edwards says:

    “Puggles” are just overpriced, overbred mixed breeds who are currently a big “fad” with backyard breeders looking for a quick buck. They are not nescasarily healthier than purebred pugs. Epilepsy, a disease which has been virtually eliminated in reputable beagle lines, is showing up in a number of “Puggles.”

    Pug/beagle mixes can be great dogs, but you don’t have to go to a backyard breeder for one. If you are looking for a “Puggle”, look no further than http://www.petfinder.org or any local shelter or rescue. Many pug mixes also get these mixes in as well, and I have seen several in my local shelter.

    This pug rescue, for example, is one of many that has some “puggles” for adoption:


    If you cannot find and “Puggles” in your area, transportation may be arranged:


  8. What type of health guarantee are you getting from the breeder?

    Both dogs have various genetic issues. You can find those on line.

    If you’re not getting a guarantee, go to another breeder.

    UPDATE: If you’re going to go in this direction a pet shop is the worse place that you can buy a dog from. Please don’t do this. I can almost guarantee that you are going to be very unhappy that you do that.

  9. greyhound girl says:

    A puggle (or a beagle/pug mixed breed, as people in the dog profession call them) is a mix of two breeds. They (and like all designer dogs) do not have a set breed standard b/c the lineage of this “breed” is much too young. They will have the characteristic of both the beagle and the pug. There is no way to know how they will act and how they will look. When talking about mix breeds, it is a genetic lotto. I work as a professional dog trainer, and one thing I see time and time again, is pet parents that have purchased a designer breed that doesn’t live up to the expectations (but of course they still love their dogs!). i.e. the labradoodle that sheds like crazy and is still hell on your allergies.
    So let’s break it down: A beagle is a scent hunting breed. They are easily distracted by scents and track. They are very intellegent but can be hard to train. They have a strong sense of pack order and tend to be more of a dominant dog. A pug was a compainon breed from Asia. They were mostly breed to be a lap dog. They don’t have a strong hunting drive and tend to be very hard to train. They also have an abreviated nasal system, so it is common for them to have breathing problems. I have seen many pug puppies pass out while playing due to lack of oxygen. They are also prone to skin problems.
    Now for a puggle….there is know why to know what personality you will get. But…I personally think it is cruel to purposly cross a dog that smells and tracks (and lives by his nose) with a breed with breathing issues. I am sure if you go to a local shealter you will find an adorable dog with all the qualities you are looking for. Right now, Designer dogs are the biggest scam out there. Trust me….I have seen it a lot. People are spending a lot of money for a mutt. To really have a new breed of dog, it takes a lot of time…and it is not a new breed until it has a long linage (not first or second generation crosses), and predictable physical and personality traits.
    Don’t mean to leacture….just trying to inform.
    Here is a really good article explaining what I mean about designer dogs versus mutts.

  10. I don’t have a puggle, but my neighbor just got one a little over a month ago.
    He is just adorable!
    He follows his human “parents” all over the yard and he is great with their three boys.
    He played with my bro. and SIL’s chocolate lab until the chocolate lab picked him up on the end of his nose.
    As for names, their’s is named “puppy” (she told me because it was the easiest name for her youngest boy to say).
    As for other names….

    Boston is the only male name I can think of right now.

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