Question by Jenna S: Puggles!!!?
My question is, does anyone know of any puggles for sale in MN that is relatively a good price that have also had shots, dewormed etc….also does anyone know…is it bad to get a puggle that came from a female pug and a male beagle? Is that still considered a puggle? I know the original cross should be a male pug and female beagle…anyone know anything?
Does ANYONE have any positive view on puggles? goodness! That is the dog I want….I don’t want a Pug or just a Beagle, ….I want a puggle.
You all say it’s unethical to breed a pug with a beagle, why?

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Answer by alambre_ibizan_hounds
that is not correct..any cross between the 2 is the exact same thing…male female female male..does not matter…but why on earth would you want to pay 1500 for a mutt when you can probably get a purebred pug for less?

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  1. It doesn’t matter whether the beagle or pug was male or female, it’s still an expensive mutt from an unethical breeder.

    Get one from the pound instead.

  2. Do not pay a pure breed price for a cross breed! The people who are doing this are a joke, don’t support them.

    Also, it doesn’t make a difference which gender either parent was – that’s just another bit of rubbish made up to make it seem like these ‘breeders’ actually know what they’re doing.

    Go to a shelter. You can find all sorts of cross breeds and pedigrees there that need homes, and they only cost like $40!


  3. Go to one of your local shelters. There are tons of these dogs there.

  4. nekkiddoglady says:

    it doesnt matter what the male or the female is.. they are still a mutt either way. Which parent is the beagle and which is the pug has no bearing on what the dog will turn out to be like..

    Try http://www.petfinder.com I have seen several beagle and pug mixes in rescues and shelter.. you would find one for a fair price.. you might even find one that has had all of its shots, dewormed and spayed/neutered and maybe even microchipped!

  5. ♥♥ Diane S ♥♥ says:

    I’m sure you can find many mixed breed dogs at a shelter for a much better price than you will pay for one of these mixed breed dogs from a breeder. Call around your local shelters. They may even have one of the mix you are looking for. Possibly more. Or check out this website: http://www.petfinder.com/

    It does not matter how they are bred a Puggle is never going to be anything more than a mixed breed dog and if you go to a so called breeder you will pay much more than the dog is actually worth.

  6. bluebonnetgranny says:

    Puggles are just MUTTS. Any time you cross breed like that you are ruining both breeds.

    These dogs should be given away & not sold.

  7. no no, it doesn’t matter what side the breeds are on a puggle is a puggle. Please don’t encourage the breeding of “mutts”. mutts are always difficult to make out or to understand (health, appearance, behavior etc) why dont you concider a “purebred”?

  8. As much as you would pay for any other mutt. If you got your puggle from a breeder it would be from an irresponsible backyard breeder who stuck 2 dogs together to make money from people like you that don’t know any better. The only reason to breed is for the betterment of the breed. A puggle is a mutt and any breeder who would deliberately breed mutts is a piece of crap.

    Puggles are also very hyper. They are winding up in shelters and rescues at alarming rates. If you really want a puggle go
    to petfinder.com you’ll be able to find tons of puggles there. I think for the breed you would have to put in pug as the breed (puggles will come up) because as you know now puggles is a mutt and not a breed.

  9. orionmobile says:

    Puggle is not a breed. It is an intenionally bred mixed breed dog, which is a despicable, irresponsible practice that no ethical person would participate in. Mixed breed dogs are perfectly wonderful, healthy, intelligent, loving pets that should be loved and cherished just as much as a purebred dog. However, considering the horribly huge numbers of unwanted pets in the world, there is no excuse for breeding a mixed breed dog. Go to a shelter, pound, or rescue group and save a dog’s life by adopting it. You can find beautiful dogs in any shape, size, and color that are desperately looking for a loving home.

  10. redneckcowgirlmo says:

    Don’t encourage breeders, to breed uneithically. There are several puggles in shelters , try petfinder.com.

  11. Check you local shelters. Purposely cross breeding two separate breeds to make a buck is unethical or immoral depending on how you look at it. A beagle and a pug is a puggle no matter which was which.

  12. Annabelle, Velma, & Binki's says:

    I don’t know where to get one, but I just want to say, that people need to mind their own business and just answer the question, quit degrading people, just because they want a designer breed! We don’t sit around and go complain to all the people buying purebreds!!! And I’m sure you people buying the purebreds aren’t buying them from a shelter!!! People need to grow up, if you can’t answer a question nice, don’t answer it all.

    You can give me all the thumbs down you want, but you know it’s the truth… You people who show your dogs are the ones that say “go to you local shelter”, but you know that you don’t get your show dogs at a shelter, come on!

  13. Here’s the reason Puggles are unethical:
    1. Puggle breeders generally make claims about their dogs that are totally unjustifiable. This is more common in the Poodle mix breeds (Cockapoo, etc.) where they claim that they don’t shed. The fact is, with two different breeds for parents, the puppies can inherit characteristics from either parent. There’s absolutely no guarantee in terms of looks, personality, coat, inherited diseases, etc. When breeders claim that these puppies inherit only the best characteristics of either parents, it turns into merely a scam.

    2. Breeders of Puggles don’t health test the parents. There are numerous genetic diseases that can pop up in either breed (Beagle or Pug) and Puggle breeders are notorious for not doing this. I’ve never heard of an ethical Puggle breeder who does this. This means that the dog you get may develop heartbreaking and expensive genetic diseases or disorders later in life.

    3. Puggle breeders don’t guarantee their puppies. Good breeders have a lifetime guarantee against genetic disorders. Occasionally breeders have a 1- or 2-year guarantee, but these are worthless. Dogs don’t develop genetic diseases at this young age. A breeder you find may say that they have “hybrid vigor” and won’t develop diseases. OK, but do they have a lifetime guarantee for their dog? If not, they obviously don’t put much faith in that hybrid vigor. Responsible breeders test and study their dogs so that they’re confident their not passing on diseases to the puppies, so they’re confident they can offer a guarantee.

    4. Puggle breeders don’t offer a take-back policy. This is done by responsible breeders so they don’t add to the pet overpopulation problem. They want to take responsibility for their dogs. If you can’t keep it, they want to ensure that their dog, no matter how old, is well taken care of.

    This is my experience with Puggles. If you can find a Puggle breeder that is responsible, I’d like to hear about it. Because I’ve never heard of one.

    Good luck!

  14. A puggle is a cross between two breeds: a beagle and a pug. The pups that result can have widely varied behaviors but it seems the most common result is a dog that has the stubborness of a pug and the insane energy level of a beagle.

    You should be able to find one through http://www.petfinder.com as the number of puggles being brought to shelters is skyrocketing.

    More info on puggles here:

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