Question by Ashley N: Puggle????
How much do they cost? and how much do they cost per month? Would they be okay outside all the time without a fence? (its big property… it used to be a farm) I could let it go in the barn(there’s no animals in there.) Would I be able to keep a puggle like that?

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Answer by lil miss cutie
Puggles are the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen.They are quite expensive, like around 0.I think it would be fine on your property.My mom has a jrt and shes out all day and in at night.

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  1. Ciara Price says:

    Puggles don’t cost that much and cost montly is as much as any dog would the same size puggles are small so can’t keep very warm so if it gets under 19 dergrees were you live and you want it to be an outdoor dog I wouldn’t recomend it!! Puggles are the family type dog that likes to snuggle and sleep in your bed!!

  2. first that is not a breed it is a mutt which i love muts but come on why get a dog because of it name. any dog can be outside but you need a fenced in area for it or you need to whatch it when it is not in the house for it could run away or into the street. please dpn’t make the dog live outside why get a dog if it is not going to be inside with you and being loved by you and sleeping on your bed. dogs are not like horses you can’t put them in a pen and feed them every day but not spend a ton of time with them. if you are in the house the dog needs to be in the house. if you are outside the dog should be outside. if you are in bed the dog might be at the end of your bed. do you get the picture? and please go to a shelter the dogs don’t cost alot and modt of them are mutts just like the “puggle ” “or desiner dog you want” only those dogs have no home or a person to love.

    a puggle is a mutt because it is a mix of a pug and a beagle

  3. ಌ ⋙DP⋘ ಌ says:

    A Puggle isn’t a breed of dog. It’s a mixed breed dog. Don’t pay that kind of money for a dog that can be picked up from the local shelter for around $100. They are not a real breed, cannot be registered, you have no idea how big they’ll be or their temperament or anything else.
    NO dog can be outside all the time w/o a fence. Unless you don’t mind the dog leaving. Dogs don’t really know about property lines, and tend to just leave if there is nothing holding them in.

  4. Puggles are not a true breed, they are just a mixed breed cross between a beagle and a pug. Mutts are sometimes hardier than purebred dogs, but this dog should have short hair and will not be well adapted to cold weather. I never recommend keeping any dog outside in an unfenced area – remember that fences don’t just keep the dog in, they keep other animals out. A small dog like this would not be able to defend himself against foxes or coyotes. While a warm barn may seem adequate for nighttime, it would be best to keep this dog inside at night. They cost about the same as any other dog, which can actually be quite expensive – consider vet bills, collars and licensing, toys and treats, as well as food and other necessities. Purebred pugs are very prone to breathing disorders and skin problems, including allergies (not good on a farm property!) If you are looking for a mixed breed dog, try adopting a larger one at your local Humane Society or shelter.

  5. NOT a Black St. Bernard!! says:

    So you just want a free-range dog? Why do you want to pay WAY too much for a mixed breed just so it can be free roaming on the property???

  6. sniderp2001 says:

    A puggle??? Don’t do it!! They can be nutso!! They are hyp.er and sometimes unmanagable. They still have the same health issues as pugs and CAN NOT be an outside dog. Some idiot came up with the cross breeding idea as some designer dog and made a mess of a personality.

  7. To care for a puggle, you will probably spend $800 or more a year. They would NOT be ok if you left them outside all the time. They are meant to be a family companion, in a house. No dog should be made to stay outside all the time unless they are a working dog with somewhere to stay out of the rain/wind, which puggles aren’t. If you want to get a puggle, you will have to let it live in the house.

  8. liljonblaze69 says:

    Hunny dont get scammed into buying a Mutt for a ridiculous amount of money, un-like our angry mean first answer, puggels anr just a mutt its a mix breed dog which in turn means that it isnt a pure breed and that the dogs blood line has been kept pure for generations, which in turn is alot of hard work as breeders, but a mutt is a mix and people cant give away mutts away dont be scammed in to paying for a pure breed mutt because there isnt such a thing

  9. Puggles (beagle/pug mix) can be found in any shelter fully vetted for anywhere from $50-100, or from people trying to rip you off for well over $400.

    A small dog per month is probably roughly $30 when you average in food, treats, toys, vet bills, some months it would be more than others.

    NO dog would be ok outside full time without a fence. I don’t like seeing any dog outside full time, especially little dogs. Most don’t have the fur to keep themselves warm, and being small, are more often prey to bigger predators. Something that size should definitely be a house dog.

  10. Puggles get such a bad rap…so a puggle is a mix between Pug and Beagle. Beagles and Pugs are indoor animals, they like to snuggle up and have intense attachment problems. Putting them in the barn or free ranging them would only cause Baying next to your door all night. Also, if your area is cold, puggles fur is fine and not designed to take extreme cold or heat for a very long time. Also, teh beagle in him/her will want him to dig…under a fence is common. Please, go to a shelter and get a dog. Puggles need a lot of attention and discipline anything short of 2 hours a day for either will not be good for you or your puggle.

  11. A puggle is a mix of a pug and beagle. They cost between $200 – $700. A dog typically costs about $20 – $50 a month when you average out vet bills. They can also be adopted from animal shelters occasionally.

    You should absolutely not keep the dog outside without a fence. First, the puggle is half beagle. Beagles tend to roam, and each day they will roam farther and farther, and eventually will not come back because they are either stolen, get killed / injured by another animal or something else terrible happens to it. The puggle’s other half, which is a pug, is an indoor pet. A puggle would have fun playing outside supervised, but they are a house pet. They need to sleep indoors, and be kept primarily inside.

    If you are looking for an outside dog, a puggle is not for you. They make a great pet if you want to have an indoor dog though.

    Good luck!

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