Question by RON: Labradoodles?
I am trying to find rescues or shelters in The NE OH region that may have Labradoodles. No breeders please. Can anyone help please? Thanks.

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Answer by aussie
just keep checking till one shows up

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  2. You can check on
    Click on dogs, put in the breed, a zip code near your area in Ohio & hit the go button.

  3. dogsrmylife92 says:
  4. SpayAndNeuterPlease says:

    Good for YOU!!

    Thank you for not supporting greedy breeders of these mutts. There are plenty that show up in shelters and rescues, you just have to keep looking!!

    Here are two I found, but I am not sure of your area code:

  5. Don’t ask if they have Labradoodles. They won’t. But they might have a Lab/Poodle mix or a Poodle Lab mix, which is in what a Labradoodle is. Just call all the shelters you can and ask if they have any. They might also keep their eyes out for one and if they find any they will call you.

    Personally I prefer a Tollie (collie/terrier, My pup Sasha). It was an accidental breeding.

    Good luck on rescuing a pup/dog.

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