Hybrid Dogs?

Question by [Isaiah born 12/31/09!]: Hybrid Dogs?
For those of you out there who have Hybrid dogs, I want to know what mix they are and if you have pics, that would be awesome!

I have a Jack Russell/Yorkie mix! I’ll put up the URL to pics here in a few! Thanks!

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Answer by it’s me
a mix between wolf and dog…

just go onto yahoo images and search for hybrid dog

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  1. We had a Golden Retriever who died a few months ago. So when we decided to get a new puppy, we chose a Goldendoodle (cross between Golden and Poodle). They are very smart, don’t shed much, and live longer than either pure breed. Also, they have the marvelous personality of a Golden!!

  2. i have an olde english bulldogge a little American pit bull a little American bulldog and majority bulldog very bully big head very muscular more active than original bulldog and much healthier

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