hybrid dogs?

Question by Katie S: hybrid dogs?
why is it desirable in hybrid dogs to have a pure of one and a pure of another (EX pure lab and pure poodle) INSTEAD of two hybrid of the same (EX labradoodle and labradoodle)
i mean mixing breeds


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Answer by hockey_gal9 *Biggest Stars Fan!*
What you’re talking about is mixing breeds. Canis Lupus Familiaris (dog) + Canis Lupus Familiaris (dog) = Canis Lupus Familiaris, a regular dog, either mixed breed or pure. Canis Lupus (wolf) + Canis Lupus (wolf) = Canis Lupus, a plain ol’ wolf. A hybrid would be a dog/wolf mix; Canis Lupus Familiaris (dog) + Canis Lupus (wolf) = Canid Hybrid, also called a wolfdog.

Breeding mutts is undesireable in itself, whether one is breeding two purebreds to make a mutt, or breeding two mutts to make more mutts.

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  1. Hybrid?
    I’m thinking of muscular dogs with red underwear and big brains with plans to take over the world.
    Yes,they fly.

  2. med student says:

    There is a misconception that breeding two breeds together will give you the best of each breed. That isn’t necessarily true. You’ll just get half of one breed’s characteristics and half of another breed’s characteristics.
    There is one benefit in that they are less likely to have an inherited disease (heart murmurs, joint problems, eye problems, allergies, etc…) than a purebred. But if both the breeds have a tendency towards the same health problems, you lose that benefit.

  3. truth is > than pleasant lies says:

    Labradoodles are NOT hybrids, they’re MUTTS. HYBRIDS are when two SPECIES mate, ie wolf x dog or lion x tiger.

    It’s not desirable. It’s just what most BYB’s do.

  4. rescue member says:

    You’re talking mutts, not hybrids and there is no way to know what a mix breed will look like, could be any part of the breeds involved – and not necessarily the best part.

  5. Nekkid Dog © says:

    there is no such thing as a “hybrid” dog!

    A hybrid animal is the offspring of 2 different species.. such as a mule.. it is from a horse and a donkey.

    All breeds of dog are the same specie, therefore, they are NOT hybrids!

    Whichever way you do the breeding (lab X poodle) or (lab/poodle x lab/poodle) its still just a MUTT either way.

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