How to really take good care of a goldendoodle?

Question by puppy7angel: How to really take good care of a goldendoodle?
I want to buy a mini goldendoodle puppy but I need some good tips. Can someone help me get good tips on dogs?

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Answer by Teresa V
I didn’t know they came in mini now….how do they make them mini. Check on the parents and back a few generations until you get to the actual purebred dogs. Buy a book on caring for dogs and read it before you get one. I am still ify on the whole mini thing…….

Amen DP!!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow, a Mini Goldendoodle, I haven’t heard of those ones yet… Good tip.. Don’t bother.. They are a mixed breed dog.. They are not designer breeds, they are not hybrid, they are not worth high prices.. they are mixed breed dogs with questionable background from breeders with no ethics and no regard for anything other than cash.. If you decide that you don’t believe me.. Then don’t forget to buy pet health insurance.. cause you’ll need it.

  2. Rescue one. There are plenty of Golden/Poodle mixes in rescue. Goldendoodle is not a breed, it’s a fancy term for mutt. Please, don’t pay thousands of dollars to an irresponsible breeder for a mutt, when thousands of them die everyday in shelters.

  3. Here’s a tip…Don’t buy a overpriced mutt such as a Goldendoodle – Be respectable and get a PUREBRED Golden if you have to have a dog!

    I didn’t realize they were breeding “Mini-Mutts” now, but I guess it was coming…

  4. Go to a shelter and get a dog. You’ll likely find this very same mix there.

  5. dark_reaction says:

    Here’s a good tip:

    There’s no such thing as a Goldendoodle, much less a “mini” one. It’s a mutt, plain and simple, that bad backyard breeders are trying to get people to buy. Don’t let them take advantage of you.

    If you want a mutt [They are amazing] check out your local shelter or go to

    If you want a purebred golden, or a purebred poodle [the “goldendoodle” is a mixture of these two breeds], check out these tips for finding a good breeder:

    Never ever buy from a pet store or a newspaper ad.


    To psycho sid vicious fan:
    We don’t hate mutts. I actually prefer mutts to breeds.
    What we hate is that irresponsible breeders are getting paid a lot of money to breed more mutts, when thousands of mutts are being killed in shelters. If you want a mutt, go to the shelter and save a life! If you buy a mutt, you add to the demand and condemn the mutts in shelters to death.

    Thank you.

  6. Just like you would take care of any other mutt, you know, feed, water………

  7. For starters don’t buy a mini goldendoodle. They are a rip-off mixed breed from disreputable breeders that charge a fortune and tell you things that aren’t true (they do shed and they aren’t hypoallergenic and they aren’t healthier). If you want a mix, go to a shelter and adopt one of the thousands waiting for adoption and don’t pay thousands to a bad breeder.

    Start reading books on dog breeds and dog training. Read about dog breeds on and You have a lot you need to know before you go forward.

  8. it depends mostly on the the percentage of the dog. if it is more golden retriever than you should care for it like a golden. if it is more poodle you should care for it like a poodle. ie grooming. don’t let the coat become unmanageable or matted. have it groomed about once ever 3 months. also make sure you get it’s teeth cleans and ears checked

  9. psycho sid vicious fan says:
    I would say just to take care of it the same way other people care for their dogs, brush it, walk it and so on.

    And don’t let these designer dog haters discourage you from getting one when they go on and on about “blah blah blah mutt mutt mutt” . How can they call themselves dog lovers when they hate “mutts” so much?
    You like Golden Doodles, just like they like a particular breed, so you have every right to buy one if you want to. I’m sick of them judging, condemning, and whatever to everyone who asks about designer dogs. >:(

  10. Miss, I don’t want to sound mean but selecting a dog is not about what you want. Being a dog owner is a BIG responsibility & not to be taken lightly. (I am assuming you haven’t been before, so if you have, please disregard & forgive me.) As everyone else has mentioned, these mix breeds are nothing more than fancy mutts. (I’m not knocking mutts…….. some of my favorites have been mixed breeds.) You pay big bucks for this. For the life of me I don’t understand why breeders do this….. Breeders are supposed to be about maintaining the standards of a certain breed & not about just selling dogs. (Okay, off my soap box now.)

    If you do decide to get a puppy, I urge you to go to the pound & spend time meeting each dog there, (and I do mean each dog, unless of course they have hundreds). You never know what will catch your eye & steal your heart!!!!! Been there & done that!!! Please come back anytime & ask questions… As I’m sure you can tell, the answers you get come from true dog lovers.

  11. Don’t let anyone tell you you shouldn’t get a goldendoodle. There is nothing wrong with them. Just be aware that a Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever mixed with a Poodle. They come in mini because they use a mini Poodle for breeding instead of a Standard Poodle. However, people are right about paying a lot of money for a Goldendoodle. There are tons of them on who need a home. I don’t think they are listed as Goldendoodle, though, because that is a new breed. They’ll list them as either Goldens or Poodles. Please consider rescuing your new puppy- you’ll be saving his life!

    Before you get him, pick up a basic book about caring for your new puppy. There are some things that are really important, though, such as:

    1. Crate train your dog. This is important. It speeds up potty training and keeps your dog safe.
    2. Microchip your dog. There’s nothing worse than losing your best friend….make sure he’ll always come home to you.
    3. Spay or neuter your dog soon after you get him/her.
    4. Pick out a good quality dog food for him, such as Canidae, Innova, etc.
    5. Make sure you keep up with his shots.
    6. Give him heartworm preventative and Frontline every month.
    7. If you aren’t sure how to train him, take him to a puppy class so he can learn his manners early on.
    8. Make sure to brush him every day and get his hair and nails clipped regularly. A Goldendoodle has a lot of hair, so you don’t want it to get knotted and dirty.

    Good luck with your new dog!

  12. oh_shotdown says:

    In order to take proper care of your dog you need a few important things: Time, money (for good food, toys, vet visits, etc.), and space. All dogs have basic needs such as food, shelter, grooming, love and affection, and exercise. Make sure your dog is flea-free (by using a veterinary suggested pesticide like advantage, frontline, advantix, etc.) and that s/he is kept clean overall, and brushed. From there you’ll want to focus on the type of food you’ll be feeding. Many people go for the “store brands,” i.e. anything they can buy in the grocery store or walmart, as well as for the “good brands,” such as iams, eukenuba, or science diet, when the case is that these foods all contain basic fillers that aren’t exactly healthy for your dog, and the truth is that there is really no difference between the science diet and ol’ roy, except you’re being charged more for one than the other! These definitely contain nothing you would feed to yourself, which should be your mission when looking for the right food. Is the quality of the food up to standards for humans, or are the foods being pumped full of stuff that isn’t fit to be fed to maggots? You can find more info on the pet-food industry through this site:
    There are many brands of food that use human grade proteins such as fresh lamb or chicken, and other degestible products such as rice, canola oil, flax seed, etc. Foods that do not contain corn (of any form) and wheat (of any form) are going to be much better for your dog because both of those items aren’t naturally in the dog’s diet and therefore aren’t easily digested. There are actually many holstic and natural brands on the market that are similar in price as these more expensive brands, but are in the end much better for your dog. Some of the better brands I’ve run into are Canidae, Solid Gold, Dick Van Patten’s, Wolfking, Flint River Ranch, Blue Buffalo, Some Royal Canin, Innova Evo, Authority Harvest Baked, and many more that I can’t think of. The important things to look for in food are ingredients, and kcals per serving. The higher the Kcals, the less your dog will have to eat to get the proper nutrition it needs, and the less waste your dog will make.
    Moving on from foods you’ll need to look at how much time you have to offer the pooch. Will you be at work all day? Where will the dog be kept? Will you be crate training the dog, or will it be left out while you’re gone? Or worse, will your dog be kicked outside while you’re gone? Will your dog be an indoor dog, or will it be kicked outside all the time? Who will watch the dog if you have to go out of town? Will there be someone there to let the dog out to go potty if you can’t get home right away? Will you get rid of the dog if things don’t go the way you planned?

    Once you have a plan for how you’ll be raising the dog, and have decided if you have the time and that you can be a forever home for the dog, then you can go from there.
    Good luck!

  13. i suggest you don’t get it, not if you don’t know how to look after one

  14. its like havin 2 dogs, ones a golden retriver and ones a poodle they each have separte problems

  15. this is a mutt or more generic a dog. you should always got to the breeder for assistance with your dog. they can provide you lots of help. your vet is another good source.

  16. pretty girl says:

    I have 16 dogs butt they do not all live with me .some live at my papaws .some live with me 7 lives with me 9 live with my papaw . here are the tips you feed it ever day and wot er them ever day you walk it ever day and you play with it ever day and that is how you take care of a dog .

  17. If you want a goldendoodle you go right ahead and get yourself one. A labradoodle lives next door to me and it is the nicest friend. He’s very quiet, good with kids and learns really easy. He’s just beautiful. As far as care goes, there are several good dog books at the library that will guide you and give you great tips on dog care. Good Luck

  18. Make sure 2 get all the details on the puppy u are getting. So, u know what he/she likes and dislikes. Make sure 2 give the puppy a lot of attention 2 cause if u dont play with the puppy will get lazy and not playful. If your looking for a place 2 get the puppy look for a breeder or kennel 2 take rescue the puppy from.
    Good Luck!!!

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