How much do you think a designer dog cost?

Question by Ayesha Marti C: How much do you think a designer dog cost?
im just wondering if how much do you think a designer dog/new breed of dog cost? for example of new breed of dog/designer dog is a Labradoodle.

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Answer by hate14386
well on ksl labordoodles can cost up to 700$ i think that is so stupid they are jsut mutts. or like a yorkie chiwawa mix people will pay 1000 for it sometimes i dont get people

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  1. mystery_writer says:

    A labradoodle is just a mutt they’re trying to call a designer dog and charge you way too much for.

  2. larbradoodles arent expensive because its just a mix between a poodle and a Labrador which are both very common dogs… it really just depends….

  3. It is a mixed breed and should cost considerably less than a purebred dog. A designer dog is a dog that has been breed to bring out the best of the 2 breeds, just remember they also get the worst of the 2 also

  4. chihuahua mama says:

    Over a thousand which is about $950 too much. They are just mutts, not a new breed, not a designer dog. Unscrupulous people are breeding them, sticking a cutesy label on them and charging more for them than for a prebred, They have lots of these designer dogs in the shleters all across the country.

  5. In a shelter you could find one for around (depending on where you live)$125.00! And they would be up to date on their shots.

  6. well, im not trying to be mean but, i think you should just go to the pound and get a dog, i mean mutts are GREAT pets and you should just go get a nice loving dog and save his/her life rather then just going out and paying 1000 dollars for a big ol’ fancy dog!

  7. sparklinbeeze says:

    somewhere around $1000

  8. midsummers_night_storm says:

    too much. a new breed of dog doesn’t come from one mating of two purebred dogs. a new breed takes years and years of careful selection to make. many many generations have to pass for a breed to be purebred, because it has to have a set standard that can apply to every animal that is called whatever it’s called. anything else is a mutt

  9. yrdelusional says:

    That is ***NOT*** a “new breed” OR a “designer dog”!!!

    Made by CROOKS just to SCAM the MORONS!!!

  10. Its the suckers that pay for a mutt. Its worthless. Only worth the vetting done to it. Its a con job using the lives of animals.

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