How do you find a reputable hybrid dog breeder in Australia?

Question by Ricky Bobby: How do you find a reputable hybrid dog breeder in Australia?
How to find reputable hybrid dog breeder in Australia?
I’m looking to buy a hybrid dog (leaning towards a Mal-shi). A book on dogs I bought warns not to buy from pet shops because only shonky breeders sell through them. It also warns not to buy through newspaper ads or internet ads. Now, someone suggested going through one of those canine associations, but they seem to cater only for purebreeds…

So, how exactly do you go about finding a good, reliable, reputable hybrid dog breeder in Australia?

Would you suggest perhaps asking a vet?

Any other suggestions?


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Answer by a gal and her dog
Hybrids, are by definition, the product of irresponsible breeding. There will be better breeders and worse breeders, but breeding a dog to create a mix is an irresponsible act in and of itself. Check your local shelters – I don’t know of Australia’s rescues – for these mixes. Anything that becomes the “next big thing” is going to get dumped off in the shelter in droves once the novelty of a pup wears off.

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  1. My friend, no one reputable sells mixes. A reputable breeder breeds to improve the breed. On a mix, there’s no way to improve, because it is not a breed. My best suggestion is to find a rescue or shelter, and adopt, or try to find a purebred that suits your lifestyle, and buy from a reputable breeder. Your pet will be a much happier, healthier friend.

  2. I have never heard of a breeder that breeds mixed breeds, being reputable enough to have done any genetic testing on either parent.
    The only way to hopefully get a healthy mixed breed puppy would be to ask the vets and groomers.
    However, you should know that you can’t count on the mixed breed being much as the ones you have admired, as they often are much more like one parent or the other.
    When you are interviewing a prospect, they should ask YOU more questions than you will ask them., They should offer a 100% guarantee, in writing, that they will take the dog back to re-home if you are unable to keep it for any reason.
    If they try to hard-sell you, or talk you into a puppy, run!
    Here is a list of Australia’s shelters and rescues:
    And here is a format to search for the dog you want:

  3. wait what’s wrong with paper ads, these are good too so are web ads, the only people you have to worry about are the ones that won’t let you come out and pick up the puppy. Get your Mal-shi from the paper or the web, visit the home and see how they are keep this is all that matters. Plenty of good breeders are in the paper you won’t know until you visit the breeder, if you see mom and dad are tied in the back yard with no interaction then thats a no no. Most paper ads are fine, Books on dogs want you to buy from show breeders and discourge all else. you don’t plan on showing then no point, you may try a dog shelter or rescue first though, but a pup can be found via a local paper.

  4. There is absolutely NO such thing as a reputable so called hybrid breeder.. No one with any ethics would take 2 breeds and breed them together, to purposely produce a dog that is a mutt, a dog that cannot be registered.
    There is no standard, there is no consistency to the breeding.. There is no nothing that you can count on when breeding a mutt.. They breed without regard to anything but money. They don’t do health testing, they cannot show their dogs anywhere, they cannot compete with their dogs anywhere.. The best that they can hope for is a Temperament test, and I am not even sure if mutts can go to Temperament tests?!? Maybe depends on the club that holds the test..

    No reputable breeder, would purposely breed a mutt.. there is no two ways about it. If one of my dogs was accidently bred by ( and this hurts to even say it ) a poodle.. I would not sell the puppies as something rare or special.. I would have the litter aborted.. I would fix the fence and make sure the poodle did not get into my yard again.. I wouldn’t take advantage of the situation and sell the puppies as something special and rare.. they would be a mistake. Nothing that was planned.. there would be no good reason to allow the litter to be born.

  5. nekkiddoglady says:

    there’s no such thing as a reputable breeder who breeds mutts. If you want a mixed breed dog, go to the shelter and save a life.. there are plenty of wonderful mixes there who need a good home!

  6. There is no place to get a well bred mixed breed pup. The only type of dog a reputable breeder will breed is a purebred. No reputable breeder would even consider breeding two different breeds together.

    Go down to the RSPCA and adopt a mixed breed mutt. The RSPCA near me currently has 4 mixed breed dogs that seem to have such great personalities.

  7. The only “reputable” breeders of cross-breeds are the breeders working with second or later generation Labradoodles to provide low-allergenic dogs to Guide Dogs for the Blind and other service organisations.

    If you think you’ve found one, ask them a few simple questions and see what answers you get. Start with whether they test for all known genetic conditions of both parent breeds before they’ll consider a dog for their breeding program – if they can’t show you the results on paper, or claim hybrid vigour fixes everything…. RUN!

    Next – what was the purpose of the cross? Do they acknowlege the fact that not all puppies in the litter will inherit only the desired traits from each breed? As an example, not every labradoodle inherits the poodle coat.

    Then look for all the other red flags you’ve already read about with pure-bred breeders – just because someone calls their “product” a designer dog doesn’t mean they’re something other than a puppy mill or back-yard breeder selling mutts.

    If you really want a reliable source of cross bred dogs, please consider your nearest RSPCA or council shelter and adopt a young, healthy dog which will most likely have been assessed for temperment before being made available for adoption – you’ll probably be saving it’s life instead of sponsoring the next generation of dumped puppies.

  8. st.lady37 (GitEm) says:

    Sorry but reputable and hybrid dont go together.

  9. I do not endorse hybrid breeding except to save a breed, or to improve a breed slowly over many generations, or in extreme circumstances, to breed a dog for a certain task. If you want a good hybrid there are TONS of them at your local pound. They are all shapes and sizes and different mixes of breeds. There at least you can find the finished product more easily, its like window shopping. Save a pooch from the pound and a certain miserable existence and possibly death, and do not encourage hybrid breeding.

  10. Sorry, there is no such animal as a “reputable hybrid dog breeder” for things such as a mal-shi.

    By definition if they sell mal-shis then they are NOT reputable.

    Just like someone who drives 150 miles per hour on the 65 mph freeway, cuts people off at intersections, ignores stop signs and red lights cannot be called a good driver.

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