how big does an adult miniature goldendoodle get?

Question by Burrr: how big does an adult miniature goldendoodle get?
Im thinking about getting a goldendoodle, but I DO NOT want a big dog. I’ve heard of miniature goldendoodles but was wondering how big they get. Thanks!

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Answer by Jacob B
LOL, just look at this question!!! OMG go get some education about dog breeds plz


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  1. MINIATURE goldendoodles? Now they’ve thought of everything.

    Run away from that dog as fast as you can. I can’t imagine the health and behavior problems that come with that genetic anomaly

  2. Mastiff Mommy says:

    They have a mini golden doodle now? LMAO!!!! Hahahah

    Great..More expensive mutts!
    Good luck with that

  3. Akitas are Bomb says:

    Well since there are no breed standards on goldendoodles because they are a mix breed dog it would be very hard to tell you. Mutts have no standards. And minature Goldendoodles what are they going to think of next!! Pretty soon there are not going to be enough shelters left because of these horrible irresponsible people

  4. Don’t get them are a mixed breed runts. They have bad genetics because they are undersized plus they have bad genetics from mixing the two breeds. You’ll have a ton of vet bills and will be supporting a Back Yard Breeder or a Puppy Mill.

  5. No way to know – somewhere between a miniature poodle and a golden retriever – you can’t tell with a mix.

    Please tell me you are getting this dog from a shelter and not from a scam designer dog breeder.

  6. Who knows. With a mutt like that you’ll never know until they’re a year old or so how big they’ll get. Every time two breeds are crossed, the results will be different. EVERY time.

  7. A. Wray (visiting w/ family) says:

    A goldendoodle is a mix breed for one, and “miniatures” are typically very unhealthy. Do some research and find a reputable breeder, or a lovable free mixbreed on petfinder instead of increasing the number of BYBs trying to make money of unhealthy, poorly treated dogs.

    Remember, most miniature/nano/pocket/teacup dogs are just the smaller, non-standard dogs being breed for size and not health. They result in smaller dogs that often have shorter life spans and more health problems than their normal size counterparts. If you DO NOT want a large dog you should wait and adopt a young or adult dog. It’s VERY hard to tell how big a mix breed puppy is going to be as an adult, and if you DO NOT want it, you surely don’t want it to end up in a shelter or possibly euthanized.

  8. LMAO.

    It could be the size of a Golden Retriever or it could be the size of whatever poodle the idiot breeder breeds with it. It’s a hit or miss thing.

    Why not just get a regular, non designer, small dog. You can be sure of the size and temperament.

  9. They get to be anywhere between 13″ – 21″ tall and 25 – 45lbs

  10. With mixed breeds there are very few reliable indicators.

    There are no particular strains of miniature golden retriever that I know of so likely a miniature golden doodle would most likely be a cross between a miniature or toy poodle and any small consistently golden dog. This would not really be a goldendoodle but only an approximation.

    I don’t have any real problem with selectively breeding a good crossbreed but do want to warn you to research your choice very carefully. Go through a breeder, not a pet-shop and take a close look at the parent dogs that will be supplying your puppy. Make sure the golden retriever is really a retriever and in good shape. Toy and miniature poodles should be lively and healthy also. There are no real problems with them genetically. They have good breeding records including planned outcrosses that have helped the lines considerably over the last four or five decades. Both breeds, retriever and poodle are noted for their intelligence and personableness. Make absolutely certain the parents of your future puppy show these traits along with good physical health. There is unfortunately a good deal of duplicity regarding dog-breeding even among breeders.

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