Question by Sunniflo: Goldendoodles?
If you have any experiences or tips about goldendoodles, can you please share them?

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Answer by Benton
my neighbor just got one…what do you need to know?
It’s cuter than ever..that’s for sure!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Try this website..

    It is informative.

  2. just that the dog is a mixed breed. so there is no way to tell weither the dog will be like a golden ret or like a poodle. or weither it will need to be groomed reg. or not.

  3. First I hate these designer dog! I wish they would never even use the name Golden, makes me sick.
    You have a mutt, it will shed no matter what you have been told. The temperament is yet to be seen by you, I have not heard too many good things yet. Alot of people have been very disappointed. They are not hypoallergenic as claimed.
    Sorry but these mixed breeds are just not right. I bet you paid the same amout for that dog as you would have if you got a pure breed Golden or poodle.


    have a good groomer

  5. I can only say to you…”buyer beware!” You just don’t know for certain what you will wind up with, in terms of temperament, size and genetic defects! I only talked to one person who had purchased such a “designer dog’ & she was quite dismayed at how large the puppy had become when it reached adulthood!!

  6. I also agree with the comment of overpriced mixed breed dogs.
    My experience with this “breed” has been through the humane society where I work. We see a lot of them turned in because of allergies (thanks to the golden in their lines!) and a lot of them for aggression issues (child and dog). Another common reason is “I thought they weren’t supposed to shed”.

    These designer dogs and their breeders make me very sad. We have enough mixed breed dogs in shelters that need good homes. They may not have a fancy name but they need homes too!

  7. The ONLY thing possible to know about that sort of MUTT/MONGREL w/a really stupid label stuck on is that they are ONLY made by irresponsible GREEDY & LYING ***CROOKS*** just scam the gullible MORONS!

    MUTT,NOT a breed!

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