Question by ♥Poots♥: goldendoodles???
my boy friend has a goldendoodle and i was just wondering how much that usally sell for?? i want one soo bad !!

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Answer by krysta_joy
Some purebred goldendoodles can cost up to 0 or more depending on the parents and if it is mixed.

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  1. First poster: No such thing as a ‘pure bred’ goldendoodle.

    They have a TON of medical issues,hun. Be ready for that,if you’re going to get one,around age 4 or 5. and be ready to deal with that HAIR! =)

    I’d say $300 isn’t too bad. I’ve seen anywhere from free (check your local shelters) to $1000.

  2. My cousin breeds and sells goldendoodles and depending on the coat color and size the dog will be when it’s grown, she’ll sell the puppies for as much as $1400. Her average, though, is around $400.

    A goldendoodle is an intentional hybrid between a golden retriever and a standard poodle. The ones from my cousin’s kennel are registered dogs, through UKC.

  3. I don’t even know what that is! It sounds like golden hair! Are you trying to sell hair!!!

  4. Sorry Krysta but a goldendoodle is not a purebred it is from two purebred bred together to produce a mutt. You should pay nothing for these type of dogs. And people need to stop breeding these sort of dogs.

  5. cormyr_amstaffs says:

    Goldendoodles are nothing more than a mutt-a mixture between a Golden Retreiver and a Poodle. People sell them for $1000 and up. Go to your shelter-you’ll probably find one there. By people buying them, they are only saying it’s “ok” to breed mixed breeds and scam people into paying that much for a dog. They cannot be AKC or UKC reg. for the simple fact that they are, in fact, a mixed breed.

  6. darkmaiden624 says:

    first of all their are no such thing as a purebred mix, their mutts and nothing else. unfortunately if this trend of creating “hybrids” continues whats going to happen is that all the purebred are going to disappear and we’re going to have nothing mutts!

  7. rebelyankeelove says:

    You can go to and they might have some listed. You can choose your location on there to see if any in your area or you can pay to have the dog flown to you.

  8. A golden doodle is the offspring of a golden retriever and a standerd poodle. This is one of the “designer dogs” that has become increasingly popular in the US. Rumor has it that crossing these produces dogs with the best traits of both. There is even a “hybred” registry now that registers these dogs, provided that both parents were registered pure breds. My suggestion is to search on Google for goldendoodle for sale and see what pops up. In my opinion they are way overpriced for being a crossbred dog.

  9. Goldendoodles are NOT a breed, they are NOT a purebred dog..they are a mix…a very expensive over priced mix.They can NOT be registered in ANY legit registry.
    Your boyfriend may have a Goldendoodle but there is no guarantee that one that you would get would be anything like his. Because they are a mix they have no actual traits..they are all different..some are more Golden Retreiver like others more Poodle like and still others anything inbetween.

    People sell them anywhere from $300 to over $1000.

  10. cliberdoodle says:

    Gee Lisa, how many Goldendoodles have you had???? They do not have tons of health problems. We have never had one problem & have three doodle dogs!! They are very sweet, wonderful dogs. They can each be differnt though because they are mixed. They are all soft & low shed though. Labradoodles are the ones that can shed more & have different coat types. You can expect to pay $600- $1200 if you use a good breeder that home raises their puppies. Good luck!!

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