Designer Dogs?

Question by wheezie: Designer Dogs?
Is it just me, or are others annoyed by this talk of so-called Designer dogs?!? There is no such thing, and I am sick of people not only bragging about their expensive “designer dogs” , but actually buying these poor dogs, thereby encouraging these careless breeders to continue. If they want a mixed breed dog (which is exactly what a designer dog is) go to your local shelter and adopt some wonderful mixed breed furry friend.

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Answer by Bozema
You go girl! I’m with ya!

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  1. Flatcoatluver says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Amen!

  2. Shhyeah!

  3. puppy lover says:



  4. My thoughts exactly.

  5. I’ve never heard of the phrase “designer dog” but maybe that’s because I live in Alaska where NOTHING is designer.
    But, I did come across a newspaper add of a lady selling maltipoo puppies for 600 dollars.
    What in the … Who in their RIGHT MINDS would pay that much for a MUTT. A mixed breed, cur.
    I sure as hell wouldn’t, I do not believe in breeding mutts intentionally. It’s just promoting the dog over population. People need to take pride in their dogs, and sometimes, but not always, sometimes, having a purebred dog of good quality really brings out the pride in people, I’ve seen it many times. I myself am so proud of my pure bred beauties, I’ve gone through 2 burned down houses, and THOUSANDS of dollars in vet bills, and on top of that, I’ve been homeless about 4 times because of them. But I wouldn’t give ’em up for the world. EVER.

  6. Designer dogs seem to often be a bad deal, inheriting the worst problems of two breeds…I love my rescued pups…

  7. i agree with you…
    the only time i think there would be an exception is for special needs people having a specific mix of quality traits… or for allergy sensetive people…
    but otherwise, i agree, there are so many great mutts out there why make more of what we already have…

  8. sshhea baby! i agree!!

  9. I agree with you 100%. They are all backyard breeders using their dogs to produce mutts and make big bucks off of ignorant people.

    Backyard breeders are the biggest contributors to the overpopulation of dogs. Too many dogs and not enough homes are the reason for the euthanizing of millions of dogs.

    I wish they would spay/neuter their pets. There is no reason to bring another litter of mutts into the world.

  10. Thank you! I am tired of this too. Let’s all spay and neuter.

  11. ItalianGreyhound says:

    Nope it isnt just you.

  12. a gal and her dog says:

    I’m totally with you. I joke with a vet tech instructor at my school about them. It’s just a fad. People with mutts have always been proud of their dogs, just like people with purebreds.

    I adopted a mutt – my first dog on my own – in April and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t care that she was skinny and dirty at the shelter. She’d been there a month, but I still thought she was adorable. It doesn’t matter where dogs come from, as long as it’s not putting money in irresponsible pockets. It just matters where they are and that they are loved. I wouldn’t give up my mutt puppy for any “designer dog,” no matter how little/cute/fluffy/trendy. Missy is my girl, that’s just how it is.

    <-- my dog. I can't resist an opportunity to show everyone how cute she is 😉

  13. I agree. I’m trying to put togethe a proposal for my state legislature that would require any mixed breed dog to be spayed or neuted and that owners with purebreds be fined for each mixed breed litter. I know that in Nebraska when I left there they made a law stating that any breeder had to pay $100 per litter to the local animal control since they were having so many unwanted pets coming in. I have a basic outline but I want to look more into state laws regarding animal rights and do some research to find out what laws other states have put into effect regarding breeding that could pose negative results before I send it in. I strongly encourage everyone to come up with a proposal. The worst that can happen is that the legislature will turn it down in which case we will still be in the same boat as we are now.

  14. amen, sister!!! why pay thousands of dollars for a mutt, when you can adopt one from the shelter for a fraction of the cost?????? if i have to hear about one more “designer” dog, i am going to vomit.

  15. tankstar1985 says:

    I couldnt agree more. any one who breeds them is a back yard breeder, and any one who buys them is a moron. (unless the buy from a shelter or somthing along those lines)

  16. chihuahua mama says:

    I have 2 “designer” breeds. Heeladors if you will. Blue heeler/lab mix. We rescued both dogs from certain death. The older one was going to be taken to the shelter that day by its owner and would have been put down right away as it was an owner turn in and that is what our shelter does, The younger one we found dumped on the side of the road along with her 2 brothers. They would have died of starvation or been hot by a car or shot by a neighbor. We found homes for her brothers and when no one wanted her, we had her fixed and kept her. Both these dogs are great dogs. They are mutts, but I love them both dearly, however if some unscrupulous breeder had been selling them, I would not have either one because I would pay someone who deliberately breeds mutt just to jump on the “designer” breed fad bandwagon.

  17. Thank you for saying it so clearly! I was walking through a mall petstore the other day, and every single dog was a “designer dog.” Each dog cost an average of $1000…This trend is allowing backyard breeders to flourish by breeding mixed-breed dogs–when there are thousands of them being put to sleep every day in shelters. It’s disgusting. I hope some kind of legislation can be passed to stop it…although, it would be just as effective if people simply stopped buying any “designer dogs.” Save a life and save your money–go to a shelter instead.

  18. I am with you 100%.

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