Designer dogs…?

Question by mandy: Designer dogs…?
Many people either are unaware that designer dogs are mutts, or beleive that they were entirely created by inferior specimens of the breed. Is it not possible to have an accident? Is it not possible to have less-than ethical people showing their PBs that may createa mixed breed from them? Everyone loves the sound of money.

I don’t beleive in intentional mutts, but I don’t beleive in everything going exactly as planned. A man in the show-world came through my work one day, said he’d payed the stud service for his (can’t remember) to breed only to have his male pug tie with her upon coming home.

Does anyone agree with me that not ALL designer dogs are from inferior specimines? Granted, worth 2k, no. But things are only worth what’s willing to be paid, so why not charge that?
I see no reason to kill all accidents. Unless their’s something wrong with the pups in question, why not let them the chance to live? As much as I understand that breeding can be heartwrnching, I do not beleive that it should be heartless.
Sniffydog- When I was talking about killing pups it was in response to the first answer, which said to shoot or cull (kill) all the non PB pups in a litter borne of two fathers. Just so that we’re clear.

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Answer by sophylakes
all designer dogs are from inferior specimens… of course….. a reputable breeder whose prized show dog experienced an “accidental breeding” would simply have the mismate shot or cull the pups at birth……..

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