designer dogs?

Question by yvette jackson: designer dogs?
Who breeds designer dogs? Do you make more money than with the other types? I know they are popular?

And to do it, do you get two purebreds or do you start with a designer pair and breed them? Like if I want a maltipoo do I start with a maltese and a poodle? Or do I start with two maltipoos? How much can you sell them for?

You are mean and rude. No wonder everyone says this place is mean.

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Answer by hellosunshine_hb
Oh dear… there is no such thing as a designer dog. Don’t even think about breeding, please.

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  1. claremiles1 says:

    You have opened a can of worms asking this question on here! Be prepared for some harsh answers!!
    Irresponsible people breed these so called “Designer Dogs”

  2. OK, lets start a new breed, Thats “Designer”! Ok, lets make a mini something. A Mini Lad! Ok, take a male black lad and a female beagle and breed them. You should get a mini black lad if not, sellin’ for around 20 bucks. Now if they really look like mini black lads sellin’ for 200 bucks. Now, if there register kennel club pups, sellin’ for 500 bucks.

    Now, thats just a thought.

  3. Lynelle Bryant says:

    I think there are enough dogs in this world sitting in shelters who need homes. Still there are far too many people too selfish and ignorant to get their pet spayed or neutered, so we have an overpopulation of pets.

    Designer dogs, breeder dogs are riddled with health problems due to poor living conditions & inbreeeding. First consider one from a shelter who really needs a home and love.

  4. Although I strongly advise against breeding these so-called “designer dogs” the logical answer is you want to start with two matlipoos.

    Because you are not “creating” a breed, you just want to “multiply” them.

    Again, don’t do it.

  5. bipolarplanet2001 says:

    The mixes you mentioned are cute but they are still mutts. You can get really sweet, already housebroken mutts from local rescue organizations. If you look into it, you might even find a place that specialized in rescuing the aforementioned cute “designer dogs.”

    When you look into it, all dogs are designer dogs. Non-fundamentalists started breeding wolves for temprament and specific skills around 15,000 years ago.

    Maltese and poodles are both designer wolves.

  6. Bad idea. Breed a poodle with a poodle, an Akita with an Akita etc. There are enough unwanted animals out there now why would you want to ruin any breed of animal to bring an unwanted animal 3 generations down the line into the scenario. You can always sell the full bred animal for more but breeding dogs is not about the money it is about the love of the breed. The vet bills for the female as well as the pups may far exceed the income from the pups IF THEY SELL. Are you prepared to house the extra pups and are you financially able to care for them. Please think this over before making a bad decision like this. Breeding is not for anyone it takes ALOT of your time, money and dedication to succeed at.

  7. Dont Breed Adopt A Poor Dog from a Dog home.. what the big thing about designers sog u pay hundreds for a small desginer dog when u can go 2 a dog home and get a dog for 20 pound.

    it makes sense.

  8. oh yes you can breed designer dogs..i have one i got $350 out of her puppies each she had 9 she is a Bichipoo she had puppies with my neighbor’s beagle every one just love them so much they were the cutest little breed…

    what’s up with all the thumbs down do u think i could have got more then $350 ???

  9. •Çøšmø• says:

    I don’t breed mutts!

    There are a enough mutts in the shelter needing homes! All you have to do is look at petfinder and you can find thousands upon thousands of dogs needing homes!

    Breeding dogs isn’t about money!

  10. Let me guess, You are going to try to breed these dogs and make money off them?

  11. nice person says:

    I have some designer puppies.
    I did it this way. We bought purebreds–4females and 2males all CKC registered.
    I tried to buy the females in bigger breeds for more puppies–

    cocker spaniel
    shih tzu

    Males- teacup/toy poodle mix, and a merle chihuahua

    That way the mixes are endless and you still get good sized litters. So in your case you would get a bigger poodle (female) and a small Maltese (male). You could then use these in other mixes later on as you add more pets.

    But yes, you start with purebreds. It gives you more options that way.

    Toy designer breeds don’t have big litters, but the huge ones like labs and goldens do. People who specialize in designers do better with the larger breeds like goldendoodles and labradoodles, etc.

    And I forgot to add that you can register the designer breeds too. There is a special hybrid registry just for them. You have to start with registered purebreds though.
    American Canine Hybrid Club

  12. Pitbulls Are For ♥LOVERS says:



    Edit* nice person is what you call a BYB (Back yard breeder) NO rep breeder breeds Mutts because rep breeders breed to better there brEed not create new ones. And no you can not register mixed breeds

    (the BYB Thumb down fairies have returned )

  13. Interesting that you just joined today and this is your first question.
    Any one who breeds “designer” dogs is unethical and greedy. I suggest you find yourself a good job and not follow the path of people who make money on the backs of helpless animals. They are not very well thought of in the world.

    The truth is not mean. It is the truth. Would you rather everyone lied to you and told you it was a good idea to create more poor dogs to die in shelters? Would you rather we endorsed your idea of bringing more unwanted dogs into an already overpopulated dog world?
    You really need to grow up and do some research on the moral implications of what you want to do. That is what responsible adults do. I sincerely hope you don’t want to be the other kind.

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