designer dog?

Question by nodesignerdogs4me: designer dog?
I have been searching all morning for a site that has “designer dog breeds” with info and pictures.

(i just like to look at the crop of dog crap people come up with!!!)
anyway, if anyway has a good site saved that would be great…! thnks!
liNg.: if you read the question correctly i UNDERSTAND THIS.
and i will not change my mind on this.
nothing bad cindy….hmmm….yeah nothing bad…..

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Answer by Bossoli

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  1. A Designer breed is a cross between two purbred pets and some are very beautiful with champion bloodlines in their pedigrees.I happen to breed such at times and I cross the Affenpinscher with the Brussel Griffon which produces very cute ,healthy pets that are identical to the Brussel Griffon.You can find such breeds on most any website such as, , Go take a look and you might charge your mind and call them other names besides CRAP.

  2. evilandrandy says:

    What exactly does this dog design?

  3. christabella611 says:

    They have pictures and information on all designer dogs from Puggles to Maltipoos. They also have a listing of all recognized hybrid or designer dogs by the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club).

  4. linguiphile says:

    Designer dogs are about as legitimate as knock off gucci bags sold on ebay. Use your time for something better.d
    edited: there’s no need to use caps. I can read your gibberish just fine. If you want to waste you time looking into something you claim you don’t condone and is crap, in your own words, then carry on. Whether or not you own a designer dog, they certainly have your complete attention.

  5. ~*~fun times~*~ says:

    American Canine Hybrid Club

  6. That’s two links for you…

  7. have you seen this list?

    There is a link at the top of the page about “hybrid” dogs.

  8. designer dogs are what we use to call mutts. However, I’ve had “designer dogs” for years and love them. I check my local newspapers web site from time to time to have a look. You could try that.

  9. Rachel - Pit Police Captain says:

    Someone turned me on to this site. It has info and pictures of all the ‘designer breeds’….some of them are pretty awkward looking.

  10. LOL! what are you up to now…

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