The Chihuahua Pomeranian Hybrid Dog Mix

Sometimes called a Pomchi or even a Chiranian, the Chihuahua Pomeranian mix is not a breed itself, but is a mixture of a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua. Mixing these two breeds can make for a pretty darn cute little dog!
This mixed breed dog weighs between 5 and 12 pounds and is a short dog that is intelligent and alert often having the sweet expression characteristic of both sides of its lineage. He has a short body and a rounded wedge-shaped head with round eyes that should not protrude too much like that of some Chihuahuas. The tail is medium in length and is carried in the loop over the back or flat but should never be tucked between the legs.
Since the Chihuahua Pomeranian mix can be the product of a shorthaired or long hair to allow a bit type of coach you may get with this dog can be varied. The coat could be a double coat like that found on the Pomeranian or it could be a single coat. It is usually at least medium length, although I do see some that have short hair much like a short haired Chihuahua. They usually have quite a furry tail typical of the Pomeranian. The Pomchi can be any color much like its parent’s. Common color variations include party college, sable, solid and merle.
Although each dog is individual, generally the Chihuahua Pomeranian mix will have much the same personality traits of his parents. In general both Chihuahuas and Pomeranians are very intelligent dogs that love to be with their family and are great lapdogs. They can learn tricks very easily, however house training may be a challenge. When training any small dog like this you need to remember that training with kindness is best. These tiny creatures do not respond well to punishment and positive reinforcement is your best bet to get your Ponchi house broken.
A Pomeranian Chihuahua mix that is long-haired will require more grooming than a short haired dog. You will probably need to trim the hair that grows out in between the pads on the bottom of his dainty little feet as well as a little sani-trim under the tail.
Another thing to watch out for in grooming is the gunk that can accumulate around their eyes. You want to be very careful that this does not build up as it can turn into a hardened glob that is nearly impossible to get off and you can actually hurt your dog when trying to remove it. Your best bet is to gently clean around the eyes each night, being careful not to poke your dog in the by, and this will help stop any buildup from accumulating as well as help to take care of any tears staining in the fur around the eyes.
As with many toy dogs, this mix will also have to have a good dental program in place. This includes not only taking him to the vet once a year to have his teeth checked and to have any tartar scraped, but also regular brushing. Bacteria buildup on the teeth is a common problem of small dogs they can be very hazardous to their health so it’s worth it for you to get your Pomchi used to having his teeth brushed. If you use a flavored toothpaste that he likes you may even find he looks forward to it every night!
Hybrid dog mixes are becoming more and more popular and the American Canine Hybrid Club has even recognized the Chihuahua Pomeranian mix and given it the name “Chiranian”. There is even a special club for this hybrid called the Pomchi Club Of America.

Dog lovers are always on the lookout for the latest trend and this one is hard to miss. The craze over hybrid poodle mixes has spawned what people might call…oodles of doodles. Josh Landis reports

Is a Hybrid Dog Right For You?

If you are thinking about getting a puppy, you may be considering a hybrid dog, also known as a designer dog. In the last several years, hybrids have become very popular. A hybrid by definition is a combination breeding of 2 different pure breed dogs. The fact that the 2 dogs being crossed are pure is why they are not considered mixed breeds or mutts. The idea is to get a dog with the best characteristics of  the two separate breeds.

There is some controversy surrounding hybrid breeding. It has been determined that the first generation breeding of 2 different breeds can produce puppies with superior health and vigor. Vigor in this sense means that the offspring of two pure breed dogs will likely be healthier than the parents. The problem is, if you breed  2 hybrid dogs in order to create a new breed there is a greater chance of genetic health problems. A lot depends of the dominant genes in each of the 2 pure breed dogs. While combining 2 breeds to develop a dog with the best virtues of the parents can be a good thing, it is also possible to end up with a dog with undesired characteristics. For example, if you want a dog that doesn’t shed, there is no guarantee that a particular trait will be passed on to the puppy. Also, it is possible that puppies from a single litter will have different combinations of the parents traits.

Designer or hybrid dogs are popular for their looks and desirable traits. They are well suited for companions but the cross breeding gives no consideration to the original purpose of the breed, such as hunting or working. It  may be difficult to find an experienced, reputable breeder of hybrids. Designer dogs are often more expensive than their pure breed parents so you need to be certain about the motives of the breeder.

Although not recognized by the American Kennel Club, hybrid owners and breeders have established their own registry. There are currently over 300 cross breed dogs registered and there seems to be no limit to the combinations possible.

Designer Dog Beds: Style Blended With Comfort

Dogs are regarded the best friend of man. Do you really want your dear pet to sleep on the hard floor or even at a place that is not suitable for him? You may not like him to stretch out on the furniture of your home. But isn’t there a feasible solution for this. Well, yes there are a large number of stores that offer designer dog beds. It includes various online and offline ways to find one. However, if you are apprehensive of its cost, then it is suggested to carry out search through online mode. There you will easily find bed of every range and make, right from a high-class designer dog bed to a simpler one. Over the years, the demand of designer beds has increased to a considerable extent. People are becoming more cautious about the dog clothing, designer leashes, collars and dog beds.

Through online mode, you can easily find a wide range of specialty stores that put forward different types of beds for all sizes and breeds of pets. Always consider the size of the bed, it should be in confirmation with the size of your pet, and it’s sleeping position. You will also encounter a number of shapes, as well as styles. Always opt for the one in which your dog would feel most protected, as well as comfortable. It can be in a donut shape, with solid bottom, which are extremely soft and comfortable. The pet can easily keep his tired out heads on the ring of the donut and rest at the center. While some beds are available as designer sofa style and very many colours, you can easily pick the one that gels well with your home decorum.

One thing that a dog owner should never ignore is the material used in the make of the bed. Always consider that your dear pet is not allergic to any of the material employed in the make of the bed, you choose for him. Among several kinds of designer dog beds, you will also find heated dog beds to heat up when it lays down.

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Learn More About Hybrid Dogs

Designer dog breeds are also referred to as hybrids. These are dogs formed by mating two dogs with different breeds to come up with a unique breed. Recently, breeders are coming up with various mixes to ensure that only the good qualities of the original breeds are brought into the new breed. To effectively do this, you would need the skills of an expert.

Not anyone can just breed dogs as you would need to have extensive knowledge about the characteristics of every breed. Being patient and conscientious is also a must as you have to be really detailed and careful in breeding two dogs coming from two different families. For those looking for designer dog breeds, you have to take into consideration that these are called designer breeds for a reason. These dogs are specialized so they always have higher prices than their respective original breeds. It would not be as if doubling or adding up both the prices of the original breeds but since it required more effort to come up with the designer breeds, it is just natural that they are more expensive.

Designer dog breeds are still not recognized by Kennel Clubs but they will come up with various registries soon. One could not mix just any two breeds together as that could result to several health defects. You would not want a pet to have abnormalities so you really need to be careful. In choosing a designer breed, you have to be specific in what you like so as to have the perfect pet you are wishing to have.

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Designer Dog Debate Heats Up

One of the newest trends in dog breeding today is the designer dog. Designer dogs often referred to as hybrids, have caught on with a growing number of pet owners. There is debate brewing over whether these designer pups are worth the price many folks are willing to pay.
Many breeders of purebred dogs are skeptical of the trend can contend that crossbreeding can result in medical and genetic problems. Supporters of the practice dismiss these concerns, with many hybrid breeders claiming that crossbred dogs are healthier than their purebred cousins.
As a consumer society, many people measure their social status by what they own. While most of us see a womans purse, others see a designer handbag. The same can be said for shoes, luggage and other personal accessories. Since a suitcase performs the same function as a 0 Louis Vuitton designer suitcase, there seems to be little difference. An argument can be made that owning a designer suitcase is merely an attempt to create a self-image. The owner of the designer bag may argue that spending more money means getting a higher quality bag.
Now dogs are not handbags and dog breeding is a multi-billion dollar business, both in America and abroad. Dogs of all breeds enjoy a status similar to children in many homes and an entire industry has grown up around showing, grooming and caring for these special creatures. There are several large organizations that have taken the lead in defining the standard for what are considered recognized purebred dogs. These groups have a vested interest in maintaining control over defining the standards for purebred dogs.
What Is a Designer Dog?
The basic idea behind designer dogs involves the marriage of two distinct dog breeds. According to the American Canine Hybrid Club, breeders of designer dogs use a rating system to designate the generational breeding tree. For example, an F1 crossbreed results from the breeding of two purebred dogs. A popular type of hybrid breed is the Labradoodle, a cross breeding of a purebred Labrador retriever and a purebred Standard Poodle. The result of this F1 breeding is typically a curly-haired retriever.
Following the F type classification can get a little complicated. For example, an F1-B Labradoodle is a blend of 25 percent Labrador Retriever and 75 percent Standard Poodle. In other words, an F1 Labradoodle has been bred back to a Standard Poodle. As the breeding goes through additional stages the F classification changes yet again. An F2 classification is the breeding of two F1 dogs, in this case two Labradoodles. An F3 classification is the breeding of two F2 dogs. Finally, an F3 is a combination of two F2 dogs.
Canine Club Conflicts
It is important to note that the reigning kennel clubs do not recognize the current crop of designer or hybrid dog breeds. This is an interesting position since many of the currently recognized breeds are themselves creations of crossbreeding.
Some critics of the designer dog craze argue that dogs of mixed breeding are available at many local dog shelters. Claming that adoption fees at shelters are a fraction of the cost an owner may pay for a hybrid breed. Hybrid breeders counter that the lineage of adopted pound dogs cannot be traced and no better than adopting any other mutt. The money spent on a certified hybrid is worth it, citing the paper trail available on the lineage of hybrid dogs.
Adoption versus Breeding
Some advocates of canine adoption report that many dog shelters and pound rescue operations are near capacity, with more dogs being euthnized every year. This despite increased public education campaigns promoting adoption over breeding and increased efforts to get owners to spay and neuter their dogs. Breeders of purebred and designer dogs argue that they are merely responding to market demands, providing dog fanciers with a wider variety of options.
Owner Responsibilities
Whatever side of this intense debate people are on, there is no doubt that it will continue for the foreseeable future. Dog lovers have a responsibility to consider not only their own needs, but what is right for the dog. Every dog is an individual, even dogs of the same breed, though some have shared characteristics. Before choosing a dog, whether a purebred, hybrid or just an average mutt, be fully aware of the responsibilities of pet ownership and choose a dog that is right for you and your lifestyle. Just as important is to make sure you are right for the dog.

Don Burke & Courtney discuss “Designer Dogs” with Kerri-Anne Kennerly, and meet Wags and Olivia (Pugaliers), Buffy (a Labradoodle), Bagel (a Schnoodle) and Kyla (a Spoodle). Aired on Channel 9 (Australia) 13 February 2007.

Does your Goldendoodle have an ear infection?

The Goldendoodle is a wonderful, low shedding, low dander hybrid who is terrific with children of all ages.  They do, however, have their issues.  With all that cuteness comes the long, low hanging ears with lots of hairs covering them.  Because the hairs are long and thick surrounding the ears,  infections can occur.

Since 1999,  we have come to know that the Goldendoodle hybrid comes in three coat types:

Shaggy. Curly. Smooth.

Among the three coat types of the Goldendoodle dog, the curly coat doodle seems to have more issues with their ears.  The simple reason?  Hair growing deep within the ear canal traps moisture and can cause bacteria to grow.  Most Goldendoodles also enjoy swimming. Whether at the lake, swimming pool or the beach,  water can become your Goldendoodle’s enemy.  The design of the ear itself, for the Goldendoodle dog,  can be one of the problems they suffer these issues.

The fact that the Goldendoodle has multiple hairs covering the ear flap, is the perfect environment for creating ear infections!  Bacteria thrives on moisture, especially in warm, dark, enclosed areas.  Bacterial ear infections can cause your Goldendoodle tremendous pain and suffering.

Because the Goldendoodle has such thick, long, hairs over the tops of the ears,  the ear itself has a difficult time drying out.  It doesn’t help matters much if hairs are also growing from deep within the ear canal.  The curly coat Goldendoodle seems to have more issues with hairs growing deep within the ear, which is very similar to the Poodle.  The shaggy coat and the smooth coat Goldendoodle do not seem to have these issues, although they can still suffer from ear infections should moisture build up or a yeast infection occur.  Another reason Goldendoodles can have ear infections is due to what is called, “ear mites”.   These are pesky little bugs that leave brown matter within your doodle’s ears and can leave a very foul smell.  Although ear mites can easily be killed with medicated drops, you will want your vet to ensure this is what is causing the problem before treating.

If we look at the design of the canine ear itself,  you will see that the canal begins right at the opening of the Goldendoodle’s ear and there is almost an immediate drop followed by a slight angle going straight down to the ear drum itself.   It doesn’t take much for moisture to build up within the ear.

What are the signs that your Goldendoodle may have an ear infection?

Your Goldendoodle may paw at his or her ears or shake their head quite a bit.  Ear infections are very painful.  You may notice that your Goldendoodle is rubbing his head against objects trying to relieve the pain.  While your Goldendoodle is unable to directly speak to you,  their body lanquage is letting you know something is wrong.

It is also possible to mistake an ear infection for a tooth problem!  I once thought one of my dogs had an ear infection but after taking her to the vet,  it was discovered that she needed a tooth to be pulled.  So its very important to take your lovely hybrid to see your vet if you are witnessing the signs above.  Your canine can lose its hearing if an ear infection is left untreated.  The ears can become red and swollen.  Skin infections can occur from constant scratching.

Sometimes your doodle may tilt his or her head to one side as well.  Yeast infections can occur for multiple reasons.  Dogs who do a lot of swimming at the lake can suffer from yeast infections within their ears because there is a lot of bacteria within the water itself.  Yeast infections can be controlled with medicated ear drops provided to you by your vet.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above going on with your Goldendoodle, please make sure to schedule a vet visit.  Immediate treatment will prevent a simple problem from becoming worse.

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The Labradoodle Designer Dog , Things You Must Know

Celebrities like Paris Hilton may carry their dogs in their Gucci handbags, accessorized to the glittering collar. But the recent trend in designer dogs seems to suggest that everyday people are catching this unfortunate trend.
Instead of simply buying diamante collars, however, people are demanding cross bred dogs with catchy marketing names. We’ve had the Spoodle, the Groodle, the Labradoodle, the Spanador, the Cavador, and the Retrievador. Now folks, meet the Roodle.
The roodle is a cross between a poodle and a rottweiler. They are the successful creation of a breeder from Melbourne, Australia. Fred Freeman has successfully bred 3 litters of roodles, some going as far afield as Hawaii.
Roodles have the crinkly coat of a poodle, but larger. They are quite stocky, and fairly big, with long floppy ears. Mr Freeman describes the dogs as having the intelligence of a rottweiler, yet docile and easy to train. His roodles are also non aggressive, do not moult, don’t smell, and are low on the allergy scale.
The idea of creating a non allergic dog was what started the original breeder of the labradoodle, Wally Conran. Wally was the Manager of the Royal Guide Dog Association in Australia at the time. Someone needing a guide dog who was non allergenic contacted the Guide Dog Association, and Wally successfully crossed a labrador with a poodle that fitted this purpose.
So, the origins of the labradoodle were quite in keeping with the way many of what are now considered pure bred dogs were created. That is, they were created with a specific purpose in mind.
But the popularity of the labradoodle has created a new set of problems. Namely, many unscrupulous people, some with no experience breeding dogs, and others with none, or little, experience breeding labradoodles or other similar crosses, jumped on the bandwagon. Demand meant that these dogs were expensive, supply was short, and this attracted many into this new field.
But breeding dogs, especially across different breeds, is not simple. In Wally Conran’s original efforts, not all labradoodles were low in allergy. And when it comes to trying to come up with new mixes, a lack of knowledge can produce disastrous results. For instance, breeding two dogs with similar genetic weaknesses can lead to the new litters born with an increased chance of the health problems associated with those breeds. Other factors include disposition. If people are expecting certain traits based on what decent breeders have produced, and they pay a lot of money for a dog that turns our to be completely different, those dogs may well end up being abandoned.
In the case of a dog bought to be low allergenic, this likelihood is higher, and this is exactly what is happening to many of the labradoodles being bought in the US now. They are ending up in shelters because they do not have the characteristics of the carefully bred stock the variation originated from.
And given that badly bred rottweilers can be very aggressive, if the roodle trend takes off in the same way, this could be a disaster all round. Especially so if a family with children bought one expecting the docile nature of the roodles created by Mr Freeman, and end up with an aggressive, large dog.
Labradoodles are not consistent breeds. And given that ten years was spent trying to get a rottweiler poodle cross, there is every indication to think that roodles are not a consistent breed either. That means that simply mating a rottweiler with a poodle is not going to automatically get you certain characteristics, especially in temperament.
Normally, contacting an association for a recommended breeder would solve this type of problem. But in this brave new world of designer dogs, this may not always be the case. Especially if the experience with the labradoodles is anything to go by.
The breeders at Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia started their stock from labradors, poodles and labradoodles from Don Evans, another breeder who had discovered the breed independently of the Guide Dog Association. Those labradoodles were legitimate labradoodles, and they kept records of all subsequent breeding. They also determined which coats were low allergenic. They conducted extensive research and breeding programs to arrive at the dog that has become characterized as a ‘labradoodle’. Contrary to popular knowledge, they are not the product of exclusively mixing in labradors and poodles. Other breeds were used occasionally, for certain characteristics.
The breeders at Rutland Manor and Tegan Park began calling their dogs, and those descended from that stock by reputable breeders, Australian labradoodles, to distinguish them from the labrador-poodle mixes that were being indiscriminately produced. The mixes were not quality controlled, many were allergenic, yet people with allergies were misled into buying them, expecting not to get allergic reactions.
The International Labradoodle Association was set up originally to help maintain the quality and characteristics of this new designer dog. Yet they now are seeking to call all labrador-poodle crosses ‘Australian labradoodles’. If this is successful, consumers will have no way of knowing whether they are buying what they think they are, and what their health requirements determine they need. The end result will be more abandoned dogs being euthanased because of a careless association and even more careless breeders.

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A Designer Dog Bed for Your Large Dog

Large dog breeds are enormously popular with a huge number of dog owners these days. Large dog breeds are able to participate in activities that smaller dogs are just not able to accomplish. Now when it is time to relax you want to make sure that your larger breed dog is just as comfortable as you are. Unfortunately this often means that your large dog is going to want to share your bed or couch with you which will leave little room for you to be comfortable. There is a very simple answer to this dilemma and that is getting your favorite four legged friend a designer Mammoth Dog Bed.

Now just what exactly is a Mammoth Dog Bed you might be asking yourself? A Mammoth Dog Bed is actually quite similar to a dog bed that has been created for smaller breed dogs but caters to the needs of much larger dog breeds. Mammoth Dog Beds are created in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get these types of dog beds in a variety of shapes. For example, Mammoth Dog Beds are available in doughnut shapes, bed couches and sofa beds. When you are looking to purchase one of these designer dog beds you can choose between cushions that have been filled with top quality fibers or if your large breed dog needs some extra support you can choose ultra soft orthopedic foam that will offer extra support and comfort.

There are a huge variety of colors available when you are searching for a dog bed for your large breed dog. You can choose between lighter more feminine shades and couches with things like flowers and sparkly designs if you have a female dog. If you have a large male dog you can look for more masculine colors and designs.

One of the biggest worries that owners of large dogs have, is having to spend a lot of money to be able to purchase a Mammoth Dog Bed for their favorite canine. This is far from the case as there are many you can easily find. A fantastic, looking and very comfortable Mammoth Dog Bed from between 0 to around 0.

Looking online is a great place to start your search for a Mammoth Dog Bed. With a few simple clicks of your mouse you will have thousands of choices at your fingertips. And a great part of shopping online is that you can have your Mammoth Dog Bed delivered right to you and all you need to do is take it out of the box find a place in your home to put it. Then your dog is all set to enjoy their new bed.

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Popular Designer Dog Breeds

If you have been following the latest trends and changes in dog breeding you may have come across the term “Designer Dogs”.

These are, in fact, simply mixed breeds that are crossed to produce a specific physical appearance, usually easily identified as a cross between the two breeds. The breeders attempt to include only the desirable traits of the two parents while minimizing the chance of physical or health issues between the cross.

Some of the more common or popular designer dogs are:

Labradoodle :
A cross between a Labrador retriever and a Standard Poodle. Considered to have the non-shedding and easy care coat of a poodle combined with the poodle’s intelligence and the wonderful, loving personality of the Lab.

Porkie :
A cross between a Pug and a Yorkie. A small dog that is heartier than the standard Yorkie with longer hair and the easygoing temperament of the Pug.

Cockapoo :
A cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Often considered an intelligent, low shedding small breed that is great for families.

Schnoodle :
Cross between a Schnauzer and a Poodle, again with an attempt to have an intelligent, non-shedding companion dog.

Daisy Dog :
A three way cross between a poodle and Shih Tzu parent and a Bichon. These dogs are reported to be very calm and excellent companion dogs for traveling or living in small spaces.

Poogle :
Cross between a Poodle and a Beagle. Small sized dog that energetic and easy to train.

Puggle :
Pug and a Beagle. These are very friendly dogs that love to be involved in all aspects of the family.

Most of the designer dogs have a poodle in the mix simply because poodles are know to be excellent non-shedding dogs and also are very intelligent. The three different sizes of poodles also make them a great breed for mixing with various dog breeds.

It is important to remember that these crosses have occurred in the past; it is just now that they are being recognized. As with all breeds of dogs there are good breeding dogs and dogs that should not be crossed due to health conditions or temperaments.

A designer dog, also called a hybrid, is not recognized by the Kennel Clubs, although many agencies are trying to develop registries for these breeds. Be aware that many of these dogs are more expensive than either one of their purebred parents, but do not have any standing with breed registries. Many shelter dogs are mixed breeds that are looking for a loving home and are available at a fraction of the cost that some breeders are asking.

Designer dogs may also have a variety of health concerns and conditions. Do not mistakenly believe that all hybrids are naturally healthy and immune from genetic conditions, in fact they may have just as many health concerns as purebred dogs. Be sure to check the temperament of the parents, and choose a breed that is one you really want, not just the “trendy” dog of the day.

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Get To Know Your Puggle Before You Bring Him Home

Puggles are very cute and adorable dogs. They have a spirit about them and they are very lovable. The problem is many people are not aware of how much work these cute little guys can be and they end up in the pound or in Puggle rescue or Puggle adoption agencies. The only thing that people see is how delightful they are. People are not prepared for the whirlwinds that will be forming right in their living room!
Puggles are “hyper” by nature, and they are high maintenance as far as attention goes. They need constant supervision and consistent discipline. Training is essential to the happiness of your Puggle and the saneness of your family.
Whatever you do, do not let your Puggle become bored. Play with your puppy every day, as much as you can. You need to find ways to keep him occupied when you are busy living life. However, you still need to keep a keen eye on your little guy. Trouble is always right around the corner!
Unless you do your homework before bringing home your new addition, you may find that your new addition causes a lot of frustration. You must be prepared to find the time needed to train your Puggle. If you do not spend time with him or help him learn ways to channel his energy in a positive manner, your excitement and love will turn into irritability and disappointment. And, usually at this point you will just feel defeated.
At this point, people tend to just “give up”. Sadly, the Puggle suffers tremendously. He does not understand why he is always being ignored or yelled at. He is still the same little guy you fell in love with, and still needs the constant attention. However, instead of feeling happy around him, you are abrupt and sharp with him. It is so sad to see such sweet, lovable animals ignored and sometimes mistreated.
Many times, people will have to find new homes for them. The sad thing is if they had done even a little bit of research, they would have known the nature of these energetic cuties. Finding a new home is sometimes a difficult thing to do. If you cannot find a good new home, please do not just take him to the pound. There are Puggle rescue and Puggle adoption agencies that take in Puggles who have either been abused or just need to have new homes.
The great thing about a Puggle rescue or puggle adoption group is that they will have the dogs spayed or neutered, give them tests and shots they need, and make sure they are taken care of. And even better, they will match up Puggles with people or families that are compatible with each other. It is not a first come, first serve basis. They are very particular about where these Puggles end up, because they have already been through enough.
Puggle rescue groups are a great place to get your Puggle from as long as you are aware of how to take care of them. Plus, the Puggle rescue agency will do their best to match you with a Puggle that will be your best friend for life!
Puggle lovers, please spread the word about a Puggle’s energetic nature so that Puggles end up in homes that are prepared to give them the love and attention they need and deserve!

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